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How Gardening Can Work Wonders For Your Health

Is Gardening Considered Exercise? We all know that we should be exercising. It’s the worst – we know that any exercise is universally helpful, and that we all should be doing some amount of exercise per week. But let’s be real: unless you are a maniac, who actually enjoys...

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8 Plants That Grow Amazing Under Trees

Planting Bushes Under Trees: Our Guide to Shade Loving Shrubs. Believe it or not, there can actually be an order and strategy to planting bushes and shrubs in your yard. Sure, you can plant your favorites and whatever looks good and hope for the best – or, with a little...

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Whats The Best Type Of Mulch For Your Garden?

Should you put mulch down before or after planting flowers? Mulching can be considered a critical component to a mindful gardener. By mindful, we mean a gardener who is intentional in their actions. When we think about gardening, we want to think about the value of each action...

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Tea Leaves For Gardening?

Your plant’s life is only as good as the soil it can produce. Without healthy soil your garden will not be able to survive for long. Soil, simply provides life to all your plants. Healthy soil contains a vast amount of vital nutrients and organic matter, creating a home for...

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Does Aluminum Foil Help Plants Grow?

Gardening can be a relaxing, calming and therapeutic hobby while giving you a sense of achievement and personal accomplishment all in one. It can also be very stressful and aggravating especially when you do everything right but pests and insects take it upon themselves to...

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Why You Should Be Using Newspapers In Your Garden

Does Newspapers Prevent Weeds? If you have been gardening for a while, one thing you will notice and quickly annoy you is weeds growing into your plants and crops. One day your garden is look neat, organized and beautiful and the next day you have these weeds taking over your...

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