Before You Buy Another Expandable Garden Hose You Must Read This

by Mar 24, 2019

You’re in the market for a garden hose and not sure which one of the millions of garden hoses to choose from. I get it, it can be very overwhelming and there are a ton of them that look exactly the same. So how do you choose which is the right fit for you?

To help answer your question and make life it bit easier for you I’ve put together a little guideline for you to help you choose your perfect garden hose.
First off I absolutely would suggest you go with an expandable garden hose UNLESS you need a hose for high power washing. Then I would go with a standard one below which I show you a few of my favorite and most reliable:
So what is an expandable?
Expandable garden hose is exactly what it sounds like. It expands. For example, if you purchase a 75ft hose it will be approximately 25ft without water. When you turn on the water from the spigot it will reach about 75ft. This expansion and shrinking down of this garden hose allows it to be lightweight, portable and convenient while the shrinkage occurs as the hose drains. Additionally, an expandable garden hose doesn’t twist, kink or knot up like most conventional hoses.
Here are 5 things you need to be aware of when you are looking to purchase an expandable hose:

1. You want to make sure the connectors at the end are brass.

If the connectors at the end are some type of cheap plastic you will be throwing your money away because they will not last long. People buy these because they see that they are less expensive but only to have it pop or burst a leak on them after a few uses.

2. Always go for at least a Triple Layered Core.

You might pay a little more but it will last you a very long time if manufactured right. Anything less than a triple layered core you are taking a big chance.

3. Look for a good warranty by the business.

Things happen. You might drag it across a thorn bush, a dog might bite it, the hose might spring a leak or pop or anything after the standard 30 day warranty ends. After that you are out that money you invested in your product. I personally wouldn’t buy a hose if it doesn’t have at least a one year warranty. Anything less, and that’s a sign the company saying that they don’t have faith in their product.

4. Customer Service is key.

When searching on Amazon or wherever look to see if the business is replying back to negative reviews. If they are not replying back in a good amount of time to the customers comments I would definitely stay away. As a business owner, you can’t please everyone but you can try. It’s common to have a defect rate in a product inventory (usually about 1-3%) but its all good as long as customers know you’ve got their back.

5. What else does your garden hose come with?

Some companies have spray nozzles, bags, hooks to hang your hose, etc. Try to buy things in bundle to save money.
Below are my top 3 favorite expandable hoses ranked 1-3:

1. The XpandaHose
I might be a little biased because this is our company but I truly believe we have the best hose on the market. It’s triple layered core makes it the most durable expandable hose out on the market. It comes with a 10 spray adjustable nozzle where most come with 8 or 9. It also comes with a bag and hook making it easy maintenance for you. You can’t forget about the superiority of our lifetime warranty and the speedy response time our customer service has to offer.

2. Flexihose
It’s the cheapest of the 3 I have here but that’s because its a 50ft hose with a double layered latex core. It does come with an 8 spray nozzle which is nice but the big catch to this hose is they are also offering a lifetime warranty currently which you cannot beat that!

3. Grow Green
This hose has good reviews and it comes with a 8 setting steel spray nozzle but it is double latex. They have 4 different sizes as well for you to choose from.

Traditional (Non Expandable Hoses)
1. Flexilla Garden Hose

2. NeverKink

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Thank you!
John and Brian
Co-Founder at J&B Lawn
Subdivision of J&B Merchandise LLC

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