Best Ways To Start Your Garden – 5 Quick Tips

by May 3, 2019

So you are thinking about starting your own garden and need a little help in what to do and where to start? Check out these 5 tips to help give yourself a better idea.

Tip #1 Pick a Location

You need to see where on your property you will get the most amount of sun and sunlight for your crops. Look for a spot that has least six hours of sunlight daily, good drainage and air circulation as well as a level location with loose, rich soil. There should also be a nearby source of water, and ideally, convenient access to tool storage and equipment.


Tip #2 What Do You Want To Grow

It can be a little overwhelming when you walk into a store or you whether you are shopping online and you see all these seeds at your disposal. The next thing you know you are purchasing out with 20 different varieties of seeds. I would focus on what you would eat and what you can preserve. For example, if you eat salads everyday, I would grow more leafy greens. It might sound obvious but I see people all the time grow these amazing gardens but don’t eat half of what they grow. If you’re going to spend hours weeding, watering, and nurturing your crops, I hope that you can at least enjoy eating them.



Tip #3 Buying The Seeds

 Take a look at doing your research and trying to buy your seeds in the colder months because you can get a pretty good discount on them. (Link to where I buy my seeds). Also you need to check the label to see if they require an early start to grow indoors. Certain cool weather plants like broccoli or pansy need to be grown indoors first so they can grow large enough to be moved to the garden in early spring. Warm weather crops like tomatoes and bell peppers also need to be grown in the beginning under lights so they are ready to get moved to the garden after the cold weather.


 Tip #4 Invest In Some Good Quality Garden Tools

Looking to buy an 8 or 9 piece garden tool set would be the way to go. Make sure you buy a high quality stainless steel set or your tools will bend and break quickly. Spend a couple extra bucks up front otherwise you will go through the hassle of continuously purchasing new garden tools. I would also look into getting a kneeling pad so you don’t bruise your knees.


 Tip #5 Planning Out Your Garden Beds

Once you picked out the part of your lawn where you know sunlight will hit you now want think about the type and size of the garden beds. Raised beds aesthetically look the best but they do dry out much faster compared to in-ground gardens. Your crops should be in beds or blocks while trying to sty away from single rows.



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