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  • 🏡 NO MORE LEAKS – Say goodbye to your frustrating, leaking hose! XpandaHose’s solid 3/4 brass connectors and 4 layered latex core ensures leaks are no more. Complete with a sturdy on/off valve, the super strong XpandaHose can withstand 12 Bars of water pressure and temperatures up to 120 degrees F
  • 🏡 STRONGEST HOSE AVAILABLE – High pressured, triple layered latex core is the strongest most durable hose on the market making it stronger than any other expanding hose. Normal water pressure is 43.5-87PSI/3-6Bar where our new design is 174PSI/12 Bar!
  • 🏡 LIFETIME WARRANTY – Keeping you satisfied and providing you with the friendliest customer service is our number one goal. This is why we stand 100% behind our products, offering you a 45 days money back guarantee and a Lifetime warranty making this expandable garden hose yours is entirely risk free! If you ever have an issue, simply email us and we will get back to you asap.
  • 🏡 MUCH EASIER – Light Weight, Compact, Kink and Tangle Free! This amazing water hose starts out 25 Feet and expands to 75 Feet at full length with water pressure but returns after water is out! Our 100ft XpandaHose weighs less than 3.5lbs.
  • 🏡 10 SETTING NOZZLE – Along with the 75 foot expanding water hose, you will receive a high quality spray nozzle with 10 adjustable patterns and ALL brass connectors, excellent corrosion resistance and durable quality!

Water Your Garden Effortlessly And Forget About Struggling To Carry And Untangle Your Water Hose Once And For All Thanks To The Ultimate Expanding Water Hose! 🌟

Haven’t you had enough with struggling to drag your heavy water hose around the garden in order to water all your plants and flowers?

Don’t you feel cheated when you buy a brand new garden hose which does not last for more than a month at the most?

If you have been looking for the best, most practical and extremely durable collapsible garden hose, you have come to the right place!

J&B Merchandise LLC presents you with the XpandaHose which is bound to serve all your needs!

Handy, Lightweight Garden Hose That Expands Up To 3 Times Its Original Length

Forget about extremely long water hoses that are too heavy and difficult to handle once and for all!

This 75/100 feet expanding water hose will expand 3 times its original length, giving you the ability to comfortably move around your garden and water every single corner.

What is more, the flexible, lightweight and kink free design of this garden water hose will allow you to effortlessly carry it and it will save you from the trouble of trying to detangle it every single time you need to use it.

Last but not least, this retractable garden hose is very easy to store as it shrinks back to its original size once there is no more water flow.

Durable Materials And A 10 Setting Nozzle

  • The latex core and the sturdy brass ends assure maximum longevity.

Moreover, the 10 setting nozzle and the easy on/off switch will help you use this garden hose for many different purposes including watering, car washing, window cleaning, boat deck cleaning and more.

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  • 🇺🇸 Free Shipping & Returns within the United States of America
  • 🙌 45 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • 🌟 Lifetime Warranty

Additional information

Weight 3.74 lbs
Dimensions 10.8 × 9.8 × 3.6 in

50ft, 75ft, 100ft, 150ft


Black ,  Blue/Black,  Green/Black

763 reviews for J&B XpandaHose

  1. Ani

    I purchased this Aug 1st and got it delivered the next day. As explained in other reviews and by the company, this is an amazing hose. No gimmicks.Pros:1) Lightweight2) Nozzle gives you great options3) Easy to carry aroundCons1) I was not able to get a correct fit. Hence there is water leak at the connection. Although it doesn’t affect the usage, I hate to waste water.Customer Service: Since I needed 100+ ft, I reached out to their Customer service. I wanted to check with them if they have a 150ft hose available that I could exchange this for. They were so amazing. Since they did not have beyond 75ft, they promised to give me a 100ft hose for free (since I am a loyal customer) when they manufacture the same by Nov this year. I will look out for the same and give an update here when it happensUpdate – Aug 8thTo my surprise, I received a replacement hose on Aug 7th. It works amazing. Like I said, I am an extremely satisfied customer. I have attached their letter that came in the replacement box.Such a great customer care would definitely bring you an amazing success guys! Keep it up.

  2. Amazon Customer

    This is the best hose I have ever bought. I garden and do all my own yard work and this purchase was worth every penny. Before buying this product I actually contacted J&B Lawn to ask them a few questions. They got back to me the same day answering all my questions and reassured me if I wasn’t happy with the product the would take care of me with no questions asked!I have purchased multiple hoses in the past that said they would never kink and break and they always do. This hose is extremely flexible, lightweight, and made very well. I have been using it almost every day for the last 2 months and I love it. It has all brass fittings and comes with a very well made 9 spray nozzle. You can just tell how well it is made as soon as you open the box. I love it so much that I purchased a second one for my front yard. The best part is that it is so flexible and I can easily move it wherever I want without any hassle. It has never kinked on me, even once. This hose is a thousand times better than the ones I have bought at hardware stores and big box stores. Very powerful when water is full blast and yet so easy to move around. So pleased with this investment and I highly recommend this product.

  3. JWP

    Excellent quality and extremely well made. The hose couplings are solid brass and well machined, no flash marks or seams. The hose itself is quality and expands out to the full length and retracts very nicely once the water is turned off. The hose nozzle is high grade plastic and should last a very long time. In comparison to the alternatives I think this provides great quality at a reasonable price. You cant go wrong.

  4. Sam

     THIs hose is awesome! I love the shut off or control the flow of water at the end that allows you to turn off the water with out using a nozzle or walking back the faucet. Also it take up so little space in my garden when it shrinks up. I will buy this again for sure

  5. Miles B.

    Okay, so I was a little skeptical at first, but I was pleasantly surprised by this hose.Right away I noticed it doesn’t matter how unskilled one is at unwrapping a hose, this guy will not end up twisted. It straightens out when it expands.Speaking of which, that’s a great piece too. It reaches everywhere it needs to, but shrinks down to fit in your hand. Great for children whose job it is to water the lawn at home!The shutoff valve is great for changing nozzles; enough said.The nozzle it comes with tradnsistions between spray patterns like butter.Watching the hose shrink is also a great way to destress.This is the hose I’ve always wanted. Don’t waste your money on anything else.

  6. Gerry L

    Light weight and easy to connect; spray head works smoothly. Hose is so easy to carry to wherever you need it and this works well for my terrace garden with it’s many planters and trees in tubs that need to be watered often in the hot New York City summer. After two plus years, my hose sprung a leak, but the company offers a lifetime guarantee and I have just received a brand new hose in replacement – what could be a better buy! Bought same hose for my daughter, and nozzle leaked after two years, expected to buy her a new one, but J & B offered to send her a replacement. I can’t say enough good things about this company!Highly recommended product and outstanding and prompt customer service.

  7. Jack’s Mom

    After years of struggling with heavy plastic hoses, this hose was a welcome change! Light weight, expands to 75 feet, easy to move and carry around and it does not leak from the faucet or from the nozzle. I am so glad I purchased this hose, no more worrying about trying to lug the hose from one point to the next. And the nozzle it comes with is far superior to any nozzle we have ever purchased separately. I would highly recommend this product!

  8. RC

    Every other 75′ expandable hose we’ve purchased broke within the first month. And when they busted, there was no way to contact the company to get a warranty replacement. But this hose was different. The price was very competitive and we used it for almost 8 months before it sprung a leak. That’s obviously not a lifetime, but it was RADICALLY longer than anything else we’ve tried.Anyway, when this one busted, I sent an email to the company (J&B) and they responded by sending a code that got me a new hose on Amazon. I got it the next day with free shipping! Now it wasn’t free- it cost me a whole $0.43 (yes, 43 cents), which I am perfectly happy with considering I got it the next day. And I got a very nice personalized message from the owners. Folks, that level of customer service is unheard of nowadays. I will be buying more of these hoses in the spring! Thanks J&B!!!!P.S., the spray head that comes with the hose also lasted longer than any we have used. My wife and I like it a lot!

  9. CK2019

    I have had this hose for approximately 5 months and I am super happy with this product, it is of very good solid quality and it is the best hose I have ever owned, I use it a lot for watering my front and back gardens for the summer; it was working great until I ran into an issue with it where it was leaking from what appears to be a accidental puncture, I reached out to their customer service via and I was amazed of the high quality of service and they offered to replace it right away, I was able to place a new order and should have a replacement within the next few days. I am very happy with this product and even more happy with their customer service response to any issues with their products. I highly recommend anyone considering a new hose to purchase this item. I own another one of these hoses that is 75′ that I use in the back yard and that one is in perfect condition.

  10. MountainBird

    First time I tried to use the hose it sprayed all around the faucet, no matter how many times I tightened. I let the seller know, hoping they would have a different type gasket. Instead they sent a whole new hose and even a new sprayer, telling me to keep the other for my trouble. I was afraid I just was not strong enough to attach but the new one worked perfectly. This hose is such a treat, so light weight I can loop it over my arm when empty of water and hang back in the garage. When it fills with water it will reach to the full range of my yard, exactly what I hoped for. J&B are a delight to deal with.

  11. sally a miller

    Upon opening my75 feet Xpanda Hose kit, I discovered that the built-in brass valve with On/Off Valve to save endless trips to the faucet was a big plus to use in my backyard. To my dis05/I couldn’t get the valve to move. After sending a photo of the valve along with a text message of my problem I promptly got responses from John or Brian. With about 2 messages back and forth, the lever was easier to move once John and Brian applied WD-40 and the entire kit in the box was sent back to me in return for my original kit (no extra shipping). Once it stops raining in my area, I will be exceptionally happy to test the entire kit, due to the light weight of the hose, the absence of kinking, and the spray attachment and accessories. The valve now has no problem for my arthritic hands! My hose has a 2 year replacement warranty with a bonus of a 6 month extension. Heads Up for J&B Merchandise LLC in New Jersey!

  12. eevelyn

    I love this hose. Perfect length, 3/4″ diameter, heavy brass fittings, very well made and it weighs virtually nothing. I got the hose out one Sunday and discovered that the leaver on the female end that allows you to turn the water flow on and off was gone. It didn’t break; it had somehow become unscrewed from the fitting. With a sprayer on the end the hose was still perfectly usable. When I got back inside, I sent an email to the the company to ask if a replacement part was available. Within 15 minutes a reply popped up. On a Sunday. John and Brian sent out a new part the very next day and by Thursday afternoon, the hose was back to perfect condition.It is rare to find anyone these days who still takes such pride in their products.. If you’re trying to decide which hose to buy or are worried that it will not turn out to be as advertised, chose this one. Its a great product and you need never worry that if anything ever goes wrong whether or not the company you are buying from will stand behind it.

  13. Squirrel717

    I’ve had my hose just over a month and so far have absolutely loved it. So lightweight and easy to maneuver around, which is a big selling point for this 105lb woman who has veggies to water all around the backyard. Unfortunately I was one of the customers that experienced a leak in my new favorite hose, after only one month. Just past the return window too… however J&B offers a 24month replacement free of charge. Crossed my fingers and emailed the company and they got back to me in 10 minutes! A new hose is on the way. I saw a lot of other reviews for these kinds of hoses that complained of their short lifespan but the old school heavy hoses don’t fare much better across the board, reviews-wise. So for me, I’d much rather take my chances with a hose I LOVE, from a company with such excellent customer service. If it ends up happening again and again or at some point customer service abruptly changes for the worse, I’ll update my review but for now I’m very happy!Edit 9/24/20: I have had to request another replacement hose as I did unfortunately have another leak. HOWEVER, emailing the company was a breeze and they’re sending out another today! I do think these hoses 05/not last as long as most traditional hoses (or Ive just gotten duds) but I have to say I still LOVE this hose far more than the old stupid heavy ones and this customer service cannot be beat. It seems when they say lifetime warranty in the product description, they mean it.A+++ extremely happy customer, even w the duds.

  14. Lynette J.

    I am changing my rating from a 1 to a 5. Recently the company, XpandaHose replaced the defective hose. I was very impressed and surprised to receive a new hose in the mail. The company claimed to try to contact me so they sent me a letter. in the mail and a new hose through UPS. I am updating my review until I have a chance to use the new hose! Again, love the whole idea of this hose as it takes up way less room and is lightweight! And I own 4 of them, since I have 2 homes I had purchased 2 for each home. Thank you Mr. Spellman!Review from 12/2018` What a rip off! Love the idea of the new hose I purchased. I was able to use it 2 times after purchase and then left town for several weeks. The 3rd time I used it, it has a small pinhole in the hose! Can’t believe I just wasted 40.00 on a hose. System is showing I can’t return the hose since I purchased it in 10/, Now it is 12/. I purchased one for both of my homes. Very disappointing. I am hoping the company will read this and contact me to make arrangements for replacement. That would make me reconsider. If the hose would hold up I would for sure rate this hose a 5 star!

  15. fanzone

    Additional Comment after having hose for 7 months – – GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! They stand by their warranty and quickly replaced my hose when I notified them that it started leaking. I got the replacement i ONE DAY from Amazon. You can be confident that whatever you purchase from J&B they will stand behind the quality of their products.Previous review: I have been looking for a lightweight hose that is durable and have been frustrated with the quality of my previous purchases. Then I saw the XpandaHose on Amazon and read the reviews and decided to buy it. It is fantastic and I am so happy with it. I also read the companies responses to some reviews and their responses were a large factor in my decision to purchase this hose because the company really stands behind their product. I recommend to anyone looking for a quality hose!

  16. LSSR22

    Before purchasing I read that many of these hose types tend to rupture easily. I delayed getting one because of that. Finally thought I’d give this one a try and I am exceptionally pleased. So far—about one year—it has proven to be quite durable. It takes just a bit getting used to because you have to wait a few moments for the hose to fill with water and reach working pressure, which is why it has a valve built into the output end. It takes only a few times working with it to become routine. Then when water is shut off the hose has to be drained (if you want it maximally easy to work with, anyway), during which time it contracts (“like a frightened turtle”). I really, REALLY like how easy it is to handle the non-pressurized hose. No more fumbling with stiff plastic/rubber hoses. Coiling it up is as easy as coiling a soft nylon rope.

  17. Amazon Customer

    I have been researching this type of hoses for years, but just never got one until now, the lifetime warranty sold me. I can’t believe I waited so long to have this hose in my life! Kinked hoses are probably one of the most frustrating things for me while gardening. Lugging a heavy hose around to water the gardens then it kinks multiple times….even on a “kinkfree hose”….is SO irritating!! I’ve owned this hose now for 5 months and have had no issues. I have been very careful not to snag it on sharp objects and I let it drain out completely before I put it away. My husband wishes we bought this years ago because I actually put it away, where on our old hose I would not coil it up properly, or not at all… I just ordered a second one, and have highly reccomended this hose to my friends and family.

  18. Ebbott

    Have only used it once so far, but it is truly an amazing hose!At first, I was angry cause I thought they sent me the wrong one; it was 05/be 25 feet long! But once I hooked it up and turned on the water, I was amazed at how well it worked! The water easily stretched it to 75 feet.The water cut off at the end of the hose, so you can change whatever you have attached without shutting off the water, is really convenient!The hose is very easy to move around when using compared to a standard garden hose. The only long-term issue that 05/come up is when I see it rubbing up against an edge that might cut it. I find myself cringing at those moments, hoping it doesn’t damage the hose.

  19. Jerry

    I purchased this to replace my 3 year old hose mainly because i pulled it through the rose garden one day…. don’t do that! This company makes good hoses for a reasonable price! Have you purchased an old fashioned rubber or vinyl hose lately…$$$$… and they are heavy and a pain to store. LOVE these hoses. Oh, buy a good sprayer to replace the one that comes with the hose. I will soon to buy a 2 more for the horse barn and garden. I have three of these in different lengths and love them!!!!

  20. Elizabeth10

    This is the best all-around garden hose I’ve ever used. By far. Using it is a completely different experience than using a typical rubber-type hose. I always dreaded dealing with hoses before, but now I don’t.The hose is very light and flexible, even when filled with water, and doesn’t kink up at all. It handles more like a thick piece of rope than a hose. It’s also kind of fun watch it wiggle around as it contracts after you let the water out of it.When it’s empty, it takes up much less space than a typical hose. That means no big ugly hose reels or metal hangers. The included hanger is convenient and works well, and the hose is very easy to coil on to it. I am storing it differently, however. I just drop it into a big nice-looking flowerpot I put underneath the spigot. When I want to use it, I just grab the spray head and walk away, and the hose follows me politely wherever I want to go. (I put a heavy rock in the bottom of the flowerpot to keep it from tipping over.) Since I’m not using the hanger for the hose, I hung it in my garage and put my big outdoor extension cord on it. Handy!I like that a spray head is included. There is nothing particularly special about it, but it does work well.I haven’t been using it long enough to judge its long-term durability, but I do appreciate the warranty. I personally wouldn’t use this hose in circumstances where it would be subjected to stresses such as high-pressure water or being run over, but for general garden use, it’s great!

  21. EB Gold

    I purchased this hose in 08/2019. It worked so very well last summer and up to a couple of weeks ago. Then it developed a split and water poured out it. I contacted J&B ExpandaHose by email that morning . They asked me to send them a video of the now non-functioning hose, which I did. Amazing–the next afternoon the replacement hose arrived. THAT IS SERVICE!! And my garden is thankful. Thank you for such a rapid, kind response, living up to your lifetime warranty!

  22. See Gee

    I am updating my review. Both hoses that I had issues with were quickly replaced and I have had no problems with the new hoses after several months of use. I commend your customer service staff for their quick action and I appreciate you standing behind your product. If you come out with a 100 hose I will buy one.I had gotten one of these hoses for myself and it has worked great for almost a year. Based on my personal experience and online reviews, I bought two hoses as Christmas presents. Now that spring is here, they have been put into service. The bad news is that both have issues. One ballooned out about 6 feet from the end with a lot of fraying. The other leaks excessively at the faucet connection. Needless to say I am very disappointed based on my expectations at the time of purchase. Not sure if the warranty is still in effect but thought the feedback would be helpful to you. Thanks for your consideration in anything you can do to address my concerns.Jerry Geron10105 Shades RdHuntsville, Alabama 35803

  23. Michelle Lynn

     Update: after I posted my review, the owner of the company reached out to me personally and sent an email expressing his genuine concern with the hose exploding and offered to honor our warranty as long as we sent a video showing the hose leak (which we sent). Although they were having a supply shortage at the time, he made sure to get the hose out to us as soon as possible and I didn’t take long for us to get our replacement.We are now back to watering our thirsty fruits and vegetables in this extreme Florida heat, and we are grateful for the quality customer service that we received from this company. I trust that if we order another hose, our warranty will be honored and that we will receive good customer service again. So I would definitely recommend this company and this hose.Previous: Our hose exploded after two months. We reached out about the warranty and the seller told us that they will replace the hose but that they are not able to right now because of the pandemic. We have a food forest around our house and now we have to carry bucket after bucket of water because we have no idea if or when this company will replace our busted hose. Extremely disappointed. This is very inconvenient. Will update if we are given some better customer service. We want a replacement not an excuse. Product should not be exploding after two months.

  24. Ken H

    ExpandaHose 1 year later update. I purchased the ExpandaHose in 03/2017. It is one of the best lawn and garden purchases I have ever made. Easy to use and very easy to store. Much easier than using a regular rubber garden hose for ordinary light household use. I went to use it today and discovered it had a leak. I emailed J&B (the seller) and explained that the hose was leaking and that I wasn’t sure if it was something I had inadvertently done or if it had just failed. They replied very promptly, probably within 30 minutes, and informed me that the hose would be replaced under the terms of the 2 year warranty. Great product in my experience (YMMV) and great customer service!

  25. Jeremy Shackelford

    I have to tell this story. I was Mowing last Saturday. grass was high due to lots of rain and my mower hit something and stalled. I turned it over to see my brand new black xpandahose wrapped around the blade multiple time. it took 5 minutes to untangle it and get back to mowing and I just knew I had ruined my new hose. so this morning I decide to check it out and to my surprise it worked flawlessly with no leaks. the only damage was the knob that opened flow of water on the end was missing. I was amazed. so I had to come online and brag on this hose. I am not saying yours will survive being run over by a mower, but mine did and that speaks to the toughness of this hose…. to update this review, I get home for lunch today and see a package at my door. When opened I see a new nozzle end and a letter from J&B saying they read every review. This is how a company should do business. Well done J&B, I will be using your products from now on.

  26. Amazon Customer

    I purchased this house in 07//2018, somewhat hesitantly, as I had purchased an expandable hose from another seller previously that had not held up well. I paid a little more for this one, but after reading the reviews for this one and the 2 year warranty, decided to try it. Used it frequently for the remainder of the summer of 2018 and loved it! It was so easy to manuever around the yard and I only needed a few extra feet from one of my older hoses to reach everywhere I needed to. It has some great features. The fittings are very sturdy and well made. The shut off on the connector is great. I kept it in my deck box over the winter so it wouldn’t be exposed to the elements. The first time I used it this year, I discovered it has a small hole in it. I remembered it had a 2 year warranty, so last weekend, I contacted the company to see if anything could be done. On their contact page it says they will contact you within 48 hours. A week later, I have heard nothing. I just read some of the reviews again. Those of you who commented about their excellent customer service were lucky. Me, not so much. I’m contacting them again today. 05/be this time I’ll hear back from them. If I do, I’ll update this review. I’m assuming that for some reason they did not receive my first message. I contacted them again and within 30 minutes had a response. They gave me a 99% coupon to reorder the hose. I paid $.43 for it and it came sooner than anticipated. This is truly the best hose I have ever had.

  27. SNRNAZ

    You want this hose!I bought this 75ft J&B Expandable hose with sprayer and holder over 2 yrs ago through Amazon.Hose was well made, and it was great to have everything come in one bag!Had tried other expandable hoses that failed quickly.I’m over 70 and have enjoyed this “lightweight”, “easy to use” hose and sprayer! Needed it mostly for watering patio plants.A few weeks ago my hose developed a leak near the brass connection.When I remembered the Lifetime Warranty, notified seller, not expecting much.I was very pleasantly surprised to find this a great company with friendly, helpful, generous owners!I received rapid responses to emails, and a new hose with all the extra items was sent out right away! This package arrived today!Highly recommend this hose, this company, and anything they sell!

  28. Deb Cip

    We love this hose. I have a lot to water in the summer with flowers around the whole house and a decent garden in the back yard. I can water nearly everything from one faucet (we have 75 ft). But what I love the most is how light it is and easy to work with. I constantly wrestle with the vinyl and rubber hoses to get them rolled up properly. This hose just shrinks and deflates and goes in a lovely little pile. Great for my arthritic hands! We did develop a leak in the hose, which was so disappointing, but there is a lifetime guarantee, and we contacted the company we got it from. They were wonderful. Customer service was quick and smooth and we have a new hose on the way! We just had to send our order number from Amazon and a photo of the problem. Very pleased the whole way around. It’s hard to find a good company who stands by their guarantee. Thank you!

  29. Claire B.

    This wonderful garden hose was my best find in 2020. It is so light weight, I can pick it up and toss it into my laundry sink when it gets muddy. It doesn’t tangle and stretches to it’s full length very easily. I love the brass on/off lever. This is so convenient when setting a sprinkler or to control the amount of spray when soaking trees. No leaking at the nozzle and the brass ends make it easy for me to hook up to the faucet, sprinkler, or the nozzle that comes with it. I love the plastic hanger. It is heavy weight and clips into my railing where I have shovels, rakes, etc. hanging. I bought a second one for the backyard and a third as a Christmas gift for my brother_in_law. It’s winter in NE and I can’t wait for him to try it next spring/summer. Pretty sure he’ll be buying a second for his backyard. This hose is perfect for anyone but especially great if you have any condition that makes it difficult to wrangle a 75 ft. rubber hose on and off of a hanger. No twisting or kinking with this one.

  30. Danish Baig

    This is an excellent water hose. It’s very light-weight, easy to store, and doesn’t knot-up like other hoses. The never-kink hoses are very heavy, and coil hoses are just a PITA. I always stayed away from expandable hoses because they always got a bad rep, until now.This particular hose is very well designed and durable. I love watering my grass and washing my car now. Before this hose I always dreaded doing those tasks, just because of my previous hoses. The way it expands and retracts is so cool. I love the fact that my 75ft hose isn’t really 75ft until you turn the water on. This helps tremendously when storing it.*UPDATE 10/17/2018 – I’ve had this hose for several weeks now and it continues to amaze me! I recently overseeded my lawn and do not have a sprinkler system. This hose has been so easy to use and makes watering my lawn, plants, cars, driveway, deck, etc.. a breeze!

  31. Tom C

    It’s now been a year since I’ve purchased this hose. I am very happy with its quality, durability and convenience. I’ve used this hose as a garden hose, sprinkler hose and car washing hose. It has held up well and I have had absolutely no issues. It does indeed seem to be heavy duty. This is my second expandable hose. I bought the first one at one of the big box home improvement stores. That one lasted less than six months before it sprung a leak. I was hesitant to purchase another one but I did like the storage convenience of an expandable hose over the traditional rubber hose. So, I looked around here on Amazon and settled on this J&B 75ft expandable hose. Very glad I did. When I first purchased this hose and tried to register for my lifetime warranty, I ran into a problem and emailed J&B Merchandise. I received a response from John of J&B within minutes!! Highly recommend this hose by J&B.I should mention that after each use, I do bring it inside to store. That first one I bought at the big box store, I left outside. So, 05/be that 05/be part of the reason it did not last. Regardless, get his hose. Cheaper, longer length and more heavy duty than the big box alternative.

  32. Larry R

    So far this item has served me well. It seems to made from quality materials. The brass connectors appear to be strong and well made. The hose is lightweight and easy to handle. The length permits me to reach all areas of my yard. It is much easier to handle than a standard hose of this size would be. The nozzle supplied also seems to quality and the numerous settings come in handy depending on what you are needing. The included hanger is convenient and I appreciate how easy it is to rewind the hose and store it away. I feel good about this purchase and based upon my experience so far I would recommend it to anyone.

  33. Rusty

    I bought two hoses from J&B xpandhose, they had the quality, brass fittings, Triple layer latex and Lifetime warranty that I was looking for. I’ve bought these type of hoses from other companies, but those couldn’t compare in terms of quality, & the other companies don’t have a warranty. One of the hoses sprung a leak, and by providing the required information for warranty, my replacement hose was quickly shipped. J&B is a company that stands by its products & warranty policy, emails quickly answered and outstanding service. They have earned my loyalty and I’m planning on buying another hose from them.

  34. SAC Vet

    I ordered one of these after having purchased other brands. This one far exceeds my expectations, and has held up very well. It sits out in the Arizona sun every day, (100 degree heat), and has performed perfectly. After three months of use the hose still looks brand new. It expands to full length, and delivers constant pressure. When turned off, and drained, the hose returns to its compact shape, and curls up nicely on the hose rack that came with the hose. I was so impressed with the quality and performance that I bought a second hose for the back yard. This is a fantastic hose, and the “Lifetime” warranty is unbeatable. The nozzle works fine and is an added bonus, and the storage bag is handy for winter storage. You get what you pay for.

  35. Chris

    I just had a leak in my hose today and sent an email to John Spellman, the owner, and received an immediate response and noted that my replacement hose was on its way! in today’s business world you don’t see this type of customer service sad to say. J & B XpandaHose stands by their product and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND purchasing their products. I know that I will continue and let my neighbors know the superior product provided and customer service.Kudos to J & B XpandaHose. Thanks guys and the best of luck in the future.Thanks Again,Chris B.

  36. Jeffrey J.

    Wife loves to water but hates to pull a heavy hose around the yard. We have tried a couple of the expandable hoses in the past and they always seem to fail! A week or so ago I was sitting on the patio watching her drag and pull and try to get kinks out of our “no kink hose”, came inside went online and found this hose! We have had it a week now and she loves it! Very light to drag around the yard and so easy to roll up. She has some hanging plants that she waters after she turns off the water because there is a lot of water left in the hose. We are hoping this one will last for years to come, and with the warranty they offer how can you lose!

  37. sandra sandoz

    I do alot of watering with a hose. . . .potted plants and alot of ‘moss gardens’ that need water most days. Anyhoo, lugging a rubber hose around the yard becomes a pain, pretty quickly. This hose is amazing. I’ve had a couple others in the past that I paid less for . . . . . and, I got alot less. One didn’t even last the spring/summer season. This hose is much stronger and durable. Big bonus, for me anyway is the spray nozzle that is included in the purchase. These are something I’m super picky about as I do all that watering. It’s hard to find a good “shower” setting on a nozzle anymore. The collective ‘they’ seems to have changed the design of them and I’m not a big fan.The only thing that I wish were different, but I’m pretty sure it’s just the way this kind of hose has to be treated. . . . . is the need to make sure you drain the water from the hose before storing. . . . even overnight. I neglected to do that last year and I think this was the cause of my last one developing a leak (or a spit in the hose material, right by the brass fixture that attaches to the faucet). I of course drained it after use, but someone else that lives here (no names or blaming, just saying 😉 would skip that step. And, unbeknownst to me left it attached with water in it a handful of times once the weather grew cold (over winter). Anyway, I think that draining the water is important. The instructions you get when you receive the hose state it right in there. Hope you like it as much as I do.

  38. A. Jordan

    The product is absolutely great, and works exactly as promised. After using this for about a year, the nozzle started to leak.One thing to be aware of is that this product has a lifetime warranty.Even better is that the customer service from XpandaHose is terrific, and they really stand behind their products.You can’t go wrong with this….it is a “must buy” for anyone who is looking to buy a new hose.

  39. G Phelps

    This hose was great for one year almost to the day. It lasted longer then any of my other hoses. I was so disappointed it developed a leak at the connector. It said it had a lifetime warranty. Three Other companies I was unable to contact. I contacted J&B by email. They were fantastic they responded the same day and sent out a replacement hose that I received in 5 days. They deserve a 5 star rating for excellence in customer service. I will definitely buy from them again. The hose before the leak was greatI am hoping the new one will last longer.

  40. HerroGoodbye

    This is awesome and perfect for my home. My mother, bless her heart, was having a hard time with our standard rubber garden hose and I figured this would help her tend to the garden.This was perfect. It is lightweight and manageable when there is no water flowing. As the water fills the hose, it lengthens.Mom was so happy with it, we bought two more for the home. Can’t comment on durability but if things change I will update this review. 10/10 would recommend.Edit. One of the hoses developed a leak and began to spray a thin stream of water when in use. I contacted customer support and they responded quickly and promptly, allowing me to purchase a replacement model for only a few cents due to taxes ($0.43). Despite this tiny minuscule fee, I am very happy that this company stands behind their warranty and cares about their products. 10/10 will recommend to all.

  41. helen

    My garden hose went belly up on Sunday, 08/16th. I was trying to water my front flower bed and salvage what I could from the 110+ degree temps here in North Texas and it seemed like one of the layers separated causing the hose to leak. Upon returning to the details of my Amazon purchase I saw the lifetime warranty that is offered and the email address clearly provided within the description. To my pleasant surprise my email inquiry received an almost immediate response with an apology and additional instructions. It was a personalized response with an explanation of the possible delays in my replacement. During times of social distancing and self-isolation this form of the human touch is refreshing and welcome. Please support this business!

  42. B.Mc

    I like this hose, it’s the perfect size for my patio garden, works well…but it’s a hose. There’s a limit to how much affection I can have towards a hose. What I really LOVE is how the company stands behind their product and how great the customer service is. After 7 months of using this hose, I turned it on and found out it had sprung a leak! Not sure if the garden guys got to it or a chipmunk decided to attack it, but I e-mailed customer support, they responded immediately and had the replacement order code for me in less than 24 hours! No questions asked! Plus, they seemed really nice based on their e-mail replies 🙂

  43. AT

    I bought this after my As Seen on TV version hose sprung a bunch of leaks after two winters. I actually bought two versions of these triple layer latex core garden hoses, and this one is better quality. The connection to the hose bib and the handheld sprayer is better than the other hose I got (Gardguard), even though they look the same. It is thicker and doesn’t compress as much as my previous As Seen on TV version, but it is still 100x lighter and easier to move than a regular hose. The thickness is about the same as a regular hose. I hope this will last a long time. The warranty seems to be the best as well.

  44. D. Rieke

    I purchase this hose in 10/of 2018. Recently it developed a pin hole. I contacted the seller as the hose has a Life Time Warranty. With in minutes I had a reply requesting a picture or video of the problem. Then I received instructions for replacement under warranty. Every one’s hose works for a while but how many are replaced when there is a problem. You just can’t beat this.

  45. BD

    I have been using the hose everyday now for 2 weeks . The brass ends are well made and the shutoff valve is smooth and works as designed. The hose is very easy to maneuver to my top patio to water the flower boxes. The hose expands to 75 ft and retracts back to 25ft to easily store on the included bracket that hangs from the faucet bib.08-26-2020 I noticed that the hose had a very small pin hole so would create a puddle when I was using it. I contacted the company and they asked for a picture of the defect and once they received this shipped out a replacement right away. great product and excellent customer service!

  46. M. Glinsky

    When we recently moved, we left all our old hoses and reels. Decided to try one of the new expandable hoses. This one was highly reviewed, and reasonable. Received it and finally got a chance to use it. Works great. We’re very pleased. So much easier to store and use. The connectors are very high quality, it’s great to have a turn off valve at the end. No leaks, and the nozzle works well too. Will probably buy another to give us 150-ft. capability.

  47. totoK

    I bought some cheaper expandable hoses before and they didn’t last 6 months with very light use. They were also leaking (despite putting tape everywhere I could) at the connection with the head.This product is much better made. All the connectors are metal and there were no leaks at all upon a very easy installation. There is also a Life Time warranty which seems to show the confidence of the seller.The vendor who sold the previous cheaper expandable hose doesn’t sell them anymore … so that’s a bad sign.Update: my first hose has behaved very well. I used it for various things including connecting to a power washer. All my other expandable hoses (I had 2 more) have exploded, but this one has held perfectly. I just bought a second one.

  48. Mark Landsbaum

    The hose is very easy to work with unlike the stiff normal hoses of the same length, which take forever to unroll and roll back up and move around. My only complaint is that water pressure seems significantly lower than normal hoses, but not unacceptably so. I want to get 2 more, one to attach to this one so I can reach the far end of my front yard, and a second one to replace the stiff coiled normal hose in the backyard, but apparently the manufacturer says they have none in stock, which means neither do retailers or Amazon. I 05/have to try one of their competitors to get what I want, but I’ll choose a competitor’s hose with specs as nearly identical to this one as I can find.

  49. anonymous

    Exactly what we needed in terms of its distance to reach all the way across our yard. Pleasantly surprised to discover that it came with a hook to hang over the faucet so the entire thing can be attached and then looped around keeping it neat and tidy. The only thing that is a challenge is that it’s elastic like surface makes it difficult to move across our concrete patio. It can snag on concrete but once moved it’s easy to navigate across the grass. The sprayer is very high quality and has a brass connector to the faucet head.

  50. Amazon Customer

    BETTER than described! As flexible as a ribbon, with or without water, excellent brass fittings ensure no leaks. Unexpanded 25’ length means it takes up very little storage space (also comes with a sturdy hangar. Definitely plan to buy more.UPDATE: the second hose I received turned out to be defective – it had a leak. Although I’d purchased it via Amazon, I was told to ctc the company directly. They could not have been more helpful! After providing a photo of the leaking hose, a replacement hose was sent immediately.

  51. VB in VA

    Love the hose – very easy to maneuver and stores without getting tangled (no wrestling required). After 15 months, the hose started to leak at the connection. I contacted the vendor (J&B Merchandise) and they responded immediately by sending a replacement (lifetime warranty!!!). All communication with J&B was answered very quickly and I have a new hose hooked up – hoping it lasts forever. But, if it doesn’t, I know J&B have my back and will honor the warranty. If I need another hose like this, I will definitely buy from them again.

  52. P. O’Neill

    So far so good. The hose seems well constructed and the brass connectors are well made. What really sets this company apart is its customer service. I had a problem with one of the connectors and the company responded right away and resolved the issue. That kind of customer service is unfortunately rare these days.

  53. Patti P.

    What a relief not having to lug a heavy rubber 75′ hose around the yard or wind it around a hose reel. Our yard is fairly large with numerous plantings. This hose has been a life safer or at least a back saver. I waited a number of months to post a review because the first hose we received lasted 05/be a month or so before it started leaking. Happily after contacting the seller a replacement hose was quickly received minus any cost to us. We have not had a single problem with this hose even though we don’t treat it gingerly. I will likely order another hose from this company for one of our other faucets.

  54. Dave W Earle

    Well, in the initial testing, this hose has performed flawlessly. No leaks of any kind, and it expanded as it should, and looks to be as long as is advertised. Only time will tell now if it will stand up to ‘normal’ use, although I have to admit that the first, and only thing at this point that I bought it for was to hose down fireworks during the Fourth Of 07/celebration. Additionally, if my area should see any drought conditions come Summer, I 05/use it then, too. For the meantime, however, I would definitely give this 5 stars across the board, and my personal recommendation. Should anything change in my perception, I will update this review as needed.

  55. G. Heinsohn

    Watering livestock in the winter is a real chore, but these hoses (I bought two) make it immeasurably easier. They’re lightweight, and they’re self-draining. It cuts the time in half–and the frustration by 90 percent. They’d be perfect with a wider inside diameter, but I can live with the slightly longer time it takes to fill the waterers.I almost swore off this type of hose after several breaks and blow-outs: This one’s heavy duty–although light weight.

  56. Michael Mazzeo

    Well this company followed through with their warranty! After sending me a 75 foot hose with no o-rings and a leak where hose meets the nozzle, they sent me a replacement. They also sent me the 100foot hose that seems to have a better quality hose and nozzle with no issues. Well done and thank you for the quality service and fabulous hose that is light, does not kink and is certainly worth the money.

  57. Nort

    J&B honors their guarantee. The hose works as promised, expanding from a small space saving coil to its 75′ length as it fills with water. it’s easy to handle and very light compared to traditional vinyl hose. It doesn’t kink or snag. just what I wanted. But after less than a year my hose sprung a small leak that gradually grew until it was unusable. I just tossed the hose in frustration and schlepped out a temporary vinyl replacement from the back yard. It wasn’t until after I that I contacted J&B, the Manufacturer. John responded quickly and after I verified my original purchase I was shipped a replacement. I couldn’t be happier!

  58. Georgem/

    Great product and excellent customer serviceUsed non stop every day for garden work House cleaning and car cleaning Never had an issue with the product Just yesterday went to use it and it did not expand fully and was leaking internally .. not sure What happenedI was bummed But remembered why I chose this hose over others ( reviews and lifetime guarantee)Contacted JB explained my issue Gave them the necessary info And no questions asked they honored the guarantee I’m stoked Thanks JB 👍customer for Life 🙋🏼‍♂️

  59. Rose

    The 75 foot length expandable garden hose is perfect for our front yard. It is light weight and easy to move. The water pressure is fine and there are many choices on the nozzle for every type of watering situation you 05/have. The company, J&B Merchandise LLC, is excellent. We had a minor problem with our purchase and they took care of the problem immediately. Would recommend their product to everyone.

  60. JD Puglisi

    J&B stood by their product, honored the warranty and sent a new hose to me. I’ll leave my original review here as it does appear the new hose is a redesign with a heavy hard plastic color at the ball valve outlet. So far so good as the new hose works without leaks on first use. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase from J&B again.Initial Review – 04/2020. One star. Got a couple of uses out of it before it started leaking at the hose bib connection. Replaced the hose gasket and it still leaks. Great concept. Lousy durability.

  61. Melinda Allwine

    Updating my previous 1 star review; J&B sent me a FREE replacement hose, which they personally tested before sending it, and it is perfect! I was surprised to see it in the mail and very happy to read that they were sorry I was disappointed with the original one. This is the BEST customer service I have ever experienced. I had no intention of returning the “bad” one due to expense of shipping etc., but upon reading my review and seeing the problem I had with it, they went ahead and made sure the one they were replacing it with was in great working order. I’m very impressed! If you are thinking about buy any products from J&B, I would say you can buy with confidence!

  62. Diane Ruggiero

    First, I’ve only used the hose once but so far I’m very impressed. I’ve tried lots of other expandables and they haven’t been nearly as good ‘out of the box’. The hose is very lightweight and does expand all the way to 75 ft – as advertised. Holds good pressure. The ‘extras’ are wonderful — the nozzle is excellent; the holder that hangs on a faucet is nice; and the extra gaskets were an unexpected bonus. Finally, the lifetime warranty tells me the seller has great confidence in their product. I recommend it.

  63. Cory

    I have been searching for a good hose for 3+ years, and I really think this is the one. The material is so different from a traditional hose and just works far better: lighter, much easier to move, unfurl, and regather, and just nicer to the touch. The shut-off valve at the hose’s end is a simple addition that is really helpful. Mine also included a multipurpose nozzle attachment that is of equally high quality at first use, and a mount that hangs easily around the spigot.The only question now is the durability, and I will update this review at a later date to provide that comment. But after two weeks with it, I would highly recommend!

  64. Consuela Lyn Shore

    This hose is so far above the performance of previous expandable hose I’ve purchased. It actually is the length stated and maintains that length through watering. Others I’ve had would lose half the length once water pressure dropped from using. On others the hose actually separated from the brass fittings. What good is the quality of a brass fitting if the hose detaches from it? I haven’t had this one long enough to observe this. Will update as necessary. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this hose!

  65. Expatriot

    07/24/20 Update: Amazing seller. Was having a minor issue with some water leakage. Sought suggestion from the vendor. Vendor immediately resolved my issue to my fullest satisfaction. It shows that this vendor mean serious business when it comes to customer satisfaction. will definitely shop again.Original Post: Primarily bought for washing cars and gardening, this is well built and so far seems working really great.

  66. Aquarian Here

    This expandable hose is right up there with wheels on luggage in terms of an invention that will transform your life. I have a dense native plant garden and use this hose and nozzle to give each plant just the amount of water it needs. An old fashion hose would crush my plants as I weave my way through my garden — but not this one. Doesn’t leak a drop. I did have one issue and the seller was beyond responsive, following up on my inquiry and replacing instantaneously.

  67. Judy M.

    We needed a hose for the horse barn that doesn’t freeze. Love the holder. The hose can be put in the trough & I can walk back to the faucet to turn on & it won’t start splaying around as many previous retractable hoses have. I can actually do other nearby chores while trough is filling.

  68. Theresa

    I bought two of the 75 feet hoses in 04/2017. In 03/2019, they both split open. I contacted the seller asking them to replace the hoses because they are advertised to be covered by a two year warranty. Much to my surprise, the seller not only responded but went the extra mile to promptly replace both hoses. They stand behind their product and are great to work with. Despite the failure of the hoses, I am happy to have them again because this hose is the real deal, very good product and the sellers are the best!

  69. Queen of Magnolia

    Love this product, had it for about 15 months and it started leaking around the nuzzle. Contacted J&B because of 24 month warranty, they got back to me the next day, and I was able to get a replacement hose through Amazon for 43 cents!Great customer service!!! Highly recommend them!

  70. Joe Valle

    I bought this product in 04/of 2019 and it worked perfectly, as promised, up until now, Nov. 2020, at which time itburst. I am still giving this a 5 star rating because all of these expandable hoses burst over time but I doubt othersellers stand behind their product as solidly as this seller does. As soon as the hose burst, I emailed the seller to notify him and was asked to send them the Amazon order and a photo of the damage. As soon as I did, they sent me an email confirming my claim and a new replacement was sent to me within a couple of days. Really nice, and professional company.

  71. Sequelman

    We have purchased a few XpandaHoses and have been impressed by their quality. One of the hoses started leaking about 6 months after purchase. We contacted the company via email regarding the issue and they quickly replaced the hose, now that’s customer service. I would not hesitate to buy their hoses again or recommend them to anyone looking for a quality hose and a great company behind them.

  72. Rich

    Just received this and hooked it up straight away. Having owned many expandable hoses, most of which were junk, I was very excited about this one as J&B is a known to me as a great company. When I first uncoiled it, I thought I had mistakenly bought a 50’ hose rather than the 75’ I wanted as it appeared too short. Then I turned on the water and the expansion to 75’ was amazing!I can already tell that this hose is well made and a much better quality than other hoses I have purchased. While it’s not the least expensive, I am encouraged by J&Bs lifetime warranty. Never heard of that before! Thanks!!

  73. AMHJinAZ

    We live on 2.5 acres and have hoses in 6 locations. I hate constantly wrestling with traditional hoses and they are typically so heavy. A friend told me about XpandaHose and I ordered two. They are life changing! I am about to order more to replace other hoses on our property. The best part is the Customer Service and the warranty. One of mine sprang a leak — I followed the instructions from J&B for replacement (simple email process where I included a video of the leak) and they responded immediately and replaced the hose. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  74. Terri M.

    As a homeowner/gardener with no sprinkler system, I’ve hauled a lot of heavy hoses around the yard these last 30 years. I bought this hose primarily for my pots and beds. It’s stretchy and reaches all the places I need it too, then you turn it off and it shrinks down as you drain the water from the sprayer. It never kinks or coils the wrong way. I had the hose two years when, early this spring, it sprung a leak at the faucet coupling. I was going to just order another but these weren’t available at the moment from Amazon. I notified the company and they promised to send one as soon as possible, and I got a brand new one shortly after for free! Turns out they have a Lifetime Warranty! Great company, the best hose ever!

  75. Gary Mergelkamp

    I have a long way to get to some of the things that need water and I love how lightweight it is, and it has never kinked.I’ve had it for close to a year, but unfortunately, it did spring a leak, but as soon as I contacted the company, someone got back to me in an hour or less, told me what I needed to do to get a replacement, and now the new one is on its way!I highly recommend doing business with this company!

  76. Anonymous

    I really liked this hose and thought it was lasting longer than the other brands I’ve tried. It’s lightweight and seems to be well made. But after 6 weeks of use it sprang a leak today.Very disappointed.UPDATE: After posting this review the company contacted me and offered to replace my hose. Excellent customer service! For that reason I’m raising my rating to 5 stars.


    I have 4 Xpandahoses around my home and we love them because they are so easy to use. For years I had one of those rubber hose auto retracting roll up mechanisms that was horrible to get the hose out as well as back in the stupid thing , but now with my Xpandahoses , they like ‘shrivel up’ to almost nothing when you turn the water off.I actually recently had 1 come apart, but it was an easy no hassle free replacement. AMAZING!!

  78. Tracy Sivak

    In the world of on-line shopping there are many claims and promises made to sell product.The flexible hose I bought claimed a 2 year warrantee. This was beneficial for me, so I selected them. Never really thinking I would need it.After 2 months the hose got a leak. I send them the order information and within 10 minutes, they send a code for a free replacement. Not only did they do what they promised, but they were quick and polite!It is very nice to have a customer experience like that in today’s world. Thanks to J&B!PS- it’s a really good hose!!

  79. JDA45

    We love this hose, we have had several expandable hoses of lesser quality that last 05/be 6months to a year. I bought this hose as they state they have a lifetime warranty. After about a year and a half the hose did fail at the connection. I emailed the address in the amazon posting, provided some information and a replacement was sent out to me. Great customer service and a solid product.

  80. Charlie

    I drag this hose all over the lot and keep it housed loosely in a garden hose box (not wound) with water shut offwhen not in use. This is my second one, the first one still works great, but got this one to replace a standard old garden hose in another location…should have done it sooner, this one works sooo much better. .

  81. Lisa S.

    I use this hose to water my plants in the back flower garden. I like that it’s lightweight but can expand out to reach to far edges of the garden. I also like that to puts itself away by shrinking. I did have an issue with a connector breaking but it was handled immediately. Love the warranty and they stand behind their product.Update: my replacement hose arrived today. Wow, that was quick!

  82. Ken Crabtree

    The best expandable hose out there, and I have had them all. I have had as seen on TV, bulb head, etc and they all didn’t last long at all. Mainly because the hose end connections were weak and made of plastic and just not built for strength. So far I have been impressed with this one and seems to be built to last. And it comes with a LIFE TIME WARRANTY! What other company offers that on their expandable hose. And it comes with a storage bag and spray nozzle.

  83. Lorri F

    While I really do love the Xpandahose, and use it every day during the summer, the owners of the business are also terrific to deal with and provide OUTSTANDING customer service, every step of the way, answering emails and questions promptly, and following up with the customer in a timely and professional manner.Highly recommend both the product and the company!!

  84. Rancho Guy 4

    I had a problem with my first hose where it burst in the middle, not at any end, the seller sent me a new one. The hose is well constructed and should last. I never leave mine charged with water at full pressure while the nozzle is closed, I drain after use, I don’t pull it hard around the yard, and I do not leave it in the sun. Perhaps I’m over cautious. I like being able to handle the hose in my medium size yard and not have a heavy hose I cannot manage.

  85. Kindle Customer

    I received my 75′ hose yesterday. Oh my gosh it is so light weight compared to the monstrosity I had, which wouldn’t even roll up without twisting. I am so excited and can’t wait to start using it. Thank you for the extra washers, that is awesome. I didn’t rate the durability, since I just received it, but I do know I will be ordering more to replace my other hoses.

  86. Amazon Customer

    Update 07/2020- Still loving my hoses and ordered a second one for my front yard. I did have a problem with the first hose when it burst while watering. I was really sad because I hated going back to the heavy hoses while waiting for a replacement. One easy email with photo attached got a quick reply and guarantee of a replacement. This company has customer service that you rarely see anymore. Even with the issues with the hose, I still wouldn’t hesitate to order again.Love this hose. It’s so easy to manage compared to a rubber hose that is heavy and stiff. My spray nozzle sprung leaks during the second summer. I contacted the company through their customer contact on their web site and got a response the same day. They sent 2 replacement nozzles and a nice bonus surprise. Planning on ditching the old leaky hoses and buying another XpandaHose.

  87. steven r penn

    I purchased this hose approximately 3 years ago. It has worked flawlessly since new up to yesterday when it developed a leak. Since it was stated to have a lifetime warranty I emailed Brian at expandahose to explain my issue. Brian got back to me on a Saturday in about an hours time. He asked me to send him my address and photo or video demonstrating the leak. I sent the short video to Brian this morning and within an hour he got back to me stating that my new replacement hose had been shipped. All of this over a Saturday and Sunday weekend. I have ordered hundreds of items on Amazon over the last 5 years and this product, lifetime warranty and customer service is without a doubt, the best experience to date. If you need an expanding hose, this is the one to purchase. Best hose, lifetime warranty and unbeatable customer service.

  88. Jennifer P.

    Perfect for my apt patio. Love that it came with the hook to store it. Works great so far with no issues. I’ve used for several months now.Writing an addition to my earlier review today 07/12,2020. I bought on 02/24,2019 and just yesterday has issues with the product. Couple holes in the hose. I emailed them and within 20 minutes I had a response. I emailed them the info they needed and my new hose is on the way. I love this product still and they have amazing customer service!!! I definitely recommend this product!!!

  89. Maria I. Moreno

    And who gives a LIFETIME warranty on a hose?? But they DO, and as soon as I registered it, I got an email back confirming.Living in AZ expandable hoses have about a year at best shelf life, so I’d be more than happy to have a lifetime warranty–heck I was happy with a 2 year warranty!Great hose so far!

  90. PBS9457

    I have been using this hose all summer. It is super lightweight and easy to fold up and put away. If it wasn’t black I would buy 2 more. What does that have to do with anything you say? Well, I am completely terrified of snakes and when this hose fills with water it looks and moves in a very snake like manner. Seriously, it took me two weeks of daily use before I could use it comfortably. Please, make one that’s electric blue.

  91. KRK

    Ordered this hose and it arrived with the wrong size faucet connector. I contacted J&B and got a response within 5 minutes – well into the evening. Their customer support is genuine and extremely fast – very considerate of customers needs! I received a “tested” unit 2 days later and it worked perfectly. I will send back the original hose with prepaid UPS label. BTW, the hose is of excellent quality as well! I will not hesitate in doing business with John & Brian in the future!

  92. Doug Oaks

    My order arrived quickly and it was surprising how small the package was considering that the hose reaches 75 feet in length. It delivers water without any leaks and when the water supply is turned off the hose retracts into a small, easily handled, bundle. I store it in an unused flower pot but it comes with a hose hangar and a spray unit as well.

  93. John Q

    I have only just received my hose, but having had many other similar hoses, I can tell that this hose is superior to all the others. The pressure at the nozzle is great, and the stretched out length is as advertised. The outer fabric has a very tight weave, which should hold up better than most. The lifetime warranty is another reason for my purchase. In the event that it doesn’t last as long as it should, a replacement will be sent out to replace the damaged hose. I think this is a great purchase, and I hope it lives up to its advertising.

  94. Donna

    We ordered this hose back in 03/with a lifetime guarantee. Unfortunately, our hose got a leak and was no longer workable. I contacted customer service and they asked me to send a picture or video and they would replace it. Sadly, it was trash day and my husband had already thrown it out. When I told customer service this, they aimed to please and still sent me a replacement. So happy with this purchase as it covers our entire yard when turned on. Definitely recommend this hose and company to all!

  95. richard a.

    I do like the hose and how lightweight it is. I bought this one because it had good reviews and a lifetime warranty. So, I purchased the hose in 05/2020 and noticed a leak in late Aug 2020. However, I took a photo, sent a simple email with my amazon receipt attached and within like 3 days; I had a new hose at my door. I did not even need to make another Amazon order myself. The company did that for me. Anyway, I recommend this hose and this company.

  96. Holly

    Great product and amazing sellers. I love this lightweight hose. I have artificial turf and take care of dogs, so I do my fair share of hosing. The nozzle did malfunction a few months after I got it, but they sent me replacements immediately! Not one, but two. The nozzle has a lot of features as well that I use.

  97. Shirley

    My expanda hose sprung a leak only after about 6 months of use. I contacted J&B Lawn and without any fuss they immediately shipped me a new expanda hose and also gave me a generous discount coupon on a second expanda hose! These guys are awesome and so is the hose- we love it!!

  98. Busy Professional

    Have had MANY expandable hoses in the past, and this is my favorite to date. The 75 foot length is “just right,” giving plenty of room to get to the places that need water. Appears to be very well made, with a durable outer shell and thick interior core. Slightly heavier than some other expandable hoses, but I suspect that is because the interior rubber core is thicker. Feels like it will last a good 2-3 years (fingers crossed).

  99. Ring

    The hose is great – I love not having to roll it up after every use since it shrinks back to a small size on its own. It lasted about a year but then got holes in it which made it unusable. I contacted the seller and they promptly sent a new one, even during the midst of this disruption in business due to coronavirus. I’m impressed and thankful!

  100. alsang


  101. ALC

    I’ve owned this hose for just over a year and it has been great throughout that time! Light weight, nice expansion and best of all, so easy to wind and put away. Unfortunately the hose did recently burst but Brian with J&B Merchandise was so great to work with. Thanks so much for being friendly, responsive and easy!

  102. gg

    I love these hoses. So lightweight and easy to use and store. You just have to remember not to leave them turned on at the faucet and off at the nozzle. Turn the nozzle on and the faucet off and drain the hose before putting it away. I use that remaining water to fill my bird baths. It is worth the extra trouble for the advantages. I also recently learned that you should protect them from the sun.

  103. William T

    I went through so many of the stretching hoses. I had a lot of doubts when I bought this. When I 1st used it I knew this is a great one. After a couple of weeks which is longer that the other lasted. I bought another one for the back yard. After all it has a lifetime warranty. I am very happy with it. Thank you

  104. LJ

    So far I am extremely pleased with the quality of this hose and ease of use, I have bought more hoses than I care to say that claim “tangle free”, what a joke they were, and other flex hoses out there are so cheaply made,( you get what you pay for), and this hose comes with a guarantee. Thanks Xpandahose!

  105. Gdr

    The hose works very well. I am on my 3rd hose in about 2 years. Now, before you weird out, I paid for the first one, but their wonderful warranty allowed me to have my hose replaced at NO charge twice! Awesome and the new hose arrived within just a few days! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! Would I buy again, ABSOLUTELY!!!! Great jobs guys and thanks!

  106. kwbear

    This hose works great! The best thing is it sprang a leak after a year and I wrote the seller who literally wrote me back and replaced with a new hose within one hour of my inquiry, no questions asked!The best customer service I have received from any seller.Highly recommend the product and the seller.Addendum: I just ordered another hose for my front yard!!! Once again I highly recommend.

  107. Amazon Customer

    I’m an avid gardener and we have a large yard that requires a 75-ft hose. Unfortunately, our hose bib is right next to our patio dining table and it was impossible to neatly store/use a 75-ft rubber garden hose. The XpandaHose has been a tremendous add to our yard–it stores so compactly (see photo) and expands to the full length so I can reach all of my plants. I’ve had the hose for about 6 months, and recently it sprung a leak. I contacted J&B Lawn by email and they sent me a replacement hose the next day. I’m always a bit skeptical when I read “lifetime warranty”, but in this case it was true. I highly recommend this hose and company.

  108. Stevie B.

    I have loved this hose ever since the day it arrived. I 05/replace all of my hoses with these just given their portability and durability. I use it quite often around the hose but also when connecting to my pressure washer with no issues. After about 6 months it did develop a slight leak near the shut off. I reached out to the company and they were very swift in responding and taking care of the issue.

  109. Rosalie Osman

    I like this hose very much. More sturdy than others that I have had. I am 77 years and would like to be in my garden as much as possible. Hauling big, heavy hoses is not my idea of fun… this hose makes watering easy. As my others give out, I will get more. I had one small problem, I told the manufacturer about it and it was resolved in less than a week.

  110. Jim

    I purchased this hose after buying the 50′. So far both have worked great. The company also seems to be very helpful and are very good at follow up. I, like many, have tried these type hoses with bad results. These hoses are a heavier type and seem to be of stronger material. They do have a very good warranty which I hope I don’t have to use.

  111. BobK

    Already owned 2 50′ J&B Expandable hoses that have served me well for over a year. Needed a 75′ to replace older very heavy “commercial grade” hose that I was tired of dragging around. The new 75′ J&B hose doesn’t disappoint. Same high quality and also comes with nice add ons- multi-setting nozzle, hose storage hanger, rubber washers and storage bag.

  112. hortensia trias

    This the best hose I have ever purchased. It has brass fittings that will make it last. It is light weight, flexible and expands to the described 75′. I have purchased other brands and they did not last. I loved my purchase so much I have purchased a total of 3 to put all around my home.The have great customer service and support! I had an issue with one of my hose as it broke and when I wrote to customer support they responded immediately. I sent them a picture of my broken hose and they immediately sent me a new one. They have lifetime warranty and this company really stands behind their warranty. I wouldn’t waste my time trying out any other hose that is in the market

  113. J. Miller

    Bought it in 11/, burst last week. Loved it but pretty expensive hose if you have to replace it every 9 months. NEW INFORMATION After writing the above review I received a surprising message from the hose maker…they wanted to replace the hose for me. THIS is what customer service is supposed to be all about!! I didn’t reach out to them- THEY reached out to me!! Hope the hose holds up but I’m changing the rating anyway. Thanks!!

  114. O Duinn

    So easy to use and rewind – you will never use a hard kinky hose again. Bought two of these and one sprung a leak after almost a year of use. Emailed the vendor, got a timely response and a hassle free replacement.Unbeatable honest service and value.Also if you live in area like Florida I would recommend that you keep the hose covered as the relentless sun degrades everything.

  115. besshRdwick

    We need a hose in our pool area, both to water plants and to top up the pool as needed. This hose stretches practically to the front garden .. Hooks up beautifully, the ‘jet’ on the included nozzle is wrong and it just looks very durable. Has its own hanger included, if you need it. Looks like a good buy.

  116. C. Meyer

    Up until purchasing this hose, my wife and I had been struggling with heavy, rubber hoses-mainly due to the fact that I always felt these had that funky, late-night, infomercial vibe to them. Being the stubborn old curmudgeon that I am, I’m glad my wife talked me into giving this a try. We’ve had this hose/sprayer combo for about a month now and it has been great!

  117. Dale A.

    Really enjoyed the flexibility and how light it is. My wife can carry it in her hand as she weaves through her garden watering daily. Seems it’s weak around the crimp near the faucet so the inner tube blew. Can I order a hose replacement? Other parts are fine.UPDATE: J&B replaced the hose the next day for free (lifetime warranty). It was even a SATURDAY. Very simple process also. Overall no complaints and minor inconvenience.

  118. Jesse Sheridan

    This is the best hose I’ve ever used, period. We have always bought the good to high-quality Home Depot other store hoses, but those always end up being huge heavy rubber hoses, hard to use, and ultimately leak. I just started using the XPandaHose today so I can’t speak to long-term durability, but it feels very well made and performs amazingly. I used it for a couple hours with an electric pressure washer and it was perfect. Will buy another, and will likely buy some for presents!

  119. Amazon Customer

    I love how lightweight this hose is, especially considering it’s length! I hated how cumbersome my old hose was to lug around my yard. This new hose is perfect- long enough to get where I need it without dragging around miles of a heavy hose.

  120. Peggy

    I’ve had more than a few of these expanding hoses thru the years, but after the last one failed, I ordered the XpandaHose. It arrived quickly with great packaging including some extra rubber gaskets and a hose mount, all in a nice nylon bag. That was in 03/. It has been the best of them all. So much so that I ordered another. They are light, strong and you can really feel the strength when it is filled with water. Highly recommend.

  121. Martha Stephens

    I love using this hose. It’s easy to maneuver around the yard. I love how easy it is to put away, and that it takes so little space when retracted. It doesn’t kink, or get as tangled as traditional hoses. My only negative comment is that the fabric on the outside tends to snag a tiny bit on the concrete.

  122. Tony Crespo

    I’ve bought two of these hoses. One was 100 footer the other a 75 footer. Both hoses blue holes in the inner tube. I’ve tried for months to get a response from the manufacture to get them replaced. No one has ever called me back or written back to me. It was a good idea but I don’t think the quality was there. Customer Service is a joke.I wish they would honor the warranty they promise. The hose is a great idea and I’d love to have them replaced.

  123. Kindle Customer

    This hose is awesome. The shrinking capability is a huge plus, the nozzle that comes with it is pretty light duty, but it works great if you aren’t rough on things. The hose itself has survived being drug all over gravel and pavement, as well as the occasional chewing by the rottweiler.

  124. Lioness

    Totally happy with this purchase! Was looking for a long time for an quality hose and this one surpassed all expectations. Super lightweight for the length and the expandable feature makes storing it easier. Very compact when it drains

  125. Bing P

    First of all, I would like to thank and commend J&B Merchandise for the uncomplicated exchange process. I purchased this product in 12/2017 as a reserve. Then when I finally had to use it- 3 months later, unfortunately there was some leak in the main connector. I sent them an email to inform them of the issue and they right away responded and sent me a replacement. I know there are a lot of vendors selling the same product and some 05/be slightly cheaper. I purchased it from them because of the 2-year warranty they offered on the product. And I am very happy that I did buy it from them, because – although it did not work the first time they replaced it right away! Truly reliable vendor!

  126. Leslie Gless

    I never write reviews but J&B LAWN definitely deserve one. I had a hose that went bad and they were the most responsive company ever. When they say they strive for 100% customer satisfaction they really mean it. Got a replacement hose faster than expected and with an apology. To top it off it’s a Great product will highly recommend.Thanks To John & Brian for a truly great experience.

  127. Brandon Young

    This is a great hose. It is lightweight and because it constricts without the water, it is easy to transport from the front yard to the backyard. I purchased this hose a year and a half ago. Recently the hose began spraying water just below the spout. I emailed customer service (regarding the two year warranty) and they took care of this issue immediately. This company stands behind their product and I would highly recommend this hose.

  128. Lukie617

    This hose is pretty standard but it’s worth buying it over the thousands of other expandable hoses on Amazon because the seller really does honor their lifetime warranty of the hose. Mine just sprung a leak after about 1 year and after a quick and easy email exchange with the seller including a picture of the damaged hose, my order #, and my shipping address, I’ve got a new hose on the way!

  129. Frank C

    The hose works great. Not a low flow hose like I have used before. Amazing to see the length increase and decrease when using it and putting it away. Works great for watering my flowers every day in the Florida heat.It did spring a leak, which is not surprising since I keep it outside 24/7.I emailed the company, sent a copy of the information they requested, and sent me a replacement. Easy-peazy! Would buy this again, and did buy one for my in-laws.

  130. Joyce DeMartino

    Since I just received my hose I cannot comment to it’s durability but am very pleased with its light weight and flexibility. I have painful arthritis in my wrists and hand hands and cannot water my plants in my butterfly garden with a rubber hose. This hose has been a lifesaver for me!!

  131. Suz

    I bought this hose a year ago and immediately loved how lightweight it is, and space efficient, and how sturdy the brass fittings are. Unfortunately, a leak developed between the hose and the fitting. I contacted the company about the two year warrantee and received a personalized reply from J&B within 24 hours. They gave me a coupon to order a free replacement hose, and it came along with the nossle and hose hanger. Now I am ready for spring gardening again!

  132. crichar974

    well built hose, the last four houses before this one didn’t last a year. The way this one is made I figure it will make it and will update a review at the end of summer. But it is really built well and am impressed with the looks of it and the feel and you can tell it is a well made hose

  133. Malcolm L. Mac Leod

    I’ve been through a lot of hoses in my life, and they all get stiff and brittle, and kink, plus you have to wrestle them around. This is the oppositeof that. It’s light, extremely flexible, and follows you around easily, which makes it the most unusual hose I’ve ever used. I give it five stars, butI’m also giving it kudos for an innovative new design. I love it!

  134. Wayne

    So far it looks to be far superior to the other expandable hoses, especially with a lifetime warranty. I’ve had four other fail in a very short time. This looks like the real deal. Definitely easier to use and store than conventional hose.

  135. Amazon Customer

    I purchased this hose over a year ago. Today it sprung a leak. When I looked up this old oder to see exactly what I bought I noticed it had a LIFETIME WARRANTY. I contacted the seller and received a response in an hour letting me know a new hose was on its way. Never expected service like this!Highly recommend.

  136. R.K.Buchanan Jr.

    Hello, I just wanted to write to say that the customer service of J&B actually exceeded my expectations. I have the hose for about a year and a half with no issues. Then the screw that held in the level came out which made the hose hard to use. I reached out to John and he said no problem I will send you a new level no problem. They sent me a new lever with a new sprayer and even through in a free shower filter…Amazing. However, today my hose broke on the inside and was leaking. So I contacted again and they gave me a coupon for a new hose…that is GREAT customer service. You can not make a bad decision about that hose since if you have a problem they completely stand by their products and warranty. Great Job J&B!!!!

  137. Rottie Mom

    Where has this hose been all my life? The length is just what I needed and I love that it goes right back when it empties. I just keep it in a little basket when I’m not using it. I’ve tried many hoses over the year but nothing compares to this one! I’ve had it for two years and it’s as good as the first day I got it. Just recently, the spray nozzle started leaking. I contacted the company to buy a new one because I love that nozzle, but the company is sending me a replacement nozzle for free!!!! I can’t recommend this product or this company enough! Buy this hose!!!

  138. K. K.

    BEST HOSE IVE EVER PURCHASED. Every year, I’m forced to buy a new hose. The never last — crack, get kinks, etc.Very pleased w/this hose and bought a second one for backyard. Not cheap $$$, but I expect to have it for a VERY long time.

  139. John Bailey

    I’ve had several expandable hoses. Most have leaked and ruined within a year. My last Xpanda hose lasted for 2-3 yrs, and then the company replaced it without charge when the internal latex detached. Our use was mostly light patio use. A very nice end-of-the-hose on-off lever that allows for changing out sprinklers and sprayers without going back to the faucet, too. Nice idea. I would buy this hose for twice the price—and still be ahead on money. Great job! I love companies that make good products and stand by them!

  140. waters

    Great for washing the car, and watering the flowers. Looks well made. I will see how well it will last. I have used this type of hose for years, and it is much easier to use than a regular garden hose. Still it is a low flow hose, so not good for using with a lawn sprinkler. I’m very happy with this hose.

  141. OptiAngel

    Love this hose! This is my second one, as I needed a dedicated hose to water my raised beds, and one for general watering. Both are working great…no leaks, and they coil up in their individual decorative pots.

  142. Lois M

    This hose has the same features as others like it but is sturdier. We have gone through several hoses of other brands and they all broke at some point. This comes with a warranty which others don’t. I am happy with the quality of this hose and more importantly with the warranty.

  143. Joleen

    I order this hose about a month ago but the tread connect to the faucet was not secure and it leaked so I returned it. A few weeks after I return the hose J&B Lawn company sent me a replacement hose at no charge. Can you believe there is a company out there that strives for 100% customer satisfaction well J&B Lawn is that company. This time the hose connection was perfect with no leaks. I would recommend this company to anyone and when I need another hose I will be purchasing from this company!! BEST Customer Satisfaction EVER!!

  144. TMest

    I received my hose back in 2017 and absolutely loved it. So easy and lightweight to use.Recently I noticed the fitting started leaking. I started shopping for a replacement when I noticed mine had a lifetime warranty. I emailed with the issue and got a response immediately. I sent a picture of the problem and the invoice and they sent me out a replacement promptly. Very easy to work with and some of the greatest customer service I have had in a while. Highly recommend this hose and company.

  145. Nancy P.

    I AM SO EXCITED WITH THIS HOSE! Excellent quality and extremely well made! I have purchased several of these hoses and could not be more happy! The shutoff value is great for changing nozzles, perfect length, heavy brass fittings and very lightweight! I could not be more happy with my choice and it so comforting to know that the company you are buying from will stand behind it if anything should go wrong! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT AND CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

  146. Amazon Customer

    I used this 75ft hose to water all the plants in my backyard. It was light even when filled with water from the faucet. And its design gave it such great flexibility that allowed me to maneuver throughout my entire backyard. When I finished using the hose, I always left its nozzle in the ON position so that the water would drain from the hose and the hose shrunk back in size. Its flexibility and small size when the water was drained from it, provided a small footprint for it which allowed me to store it in a small space. Overall an excellent hose.

  147. PDeRosia

    I love the hose and recommend it highly. The nozzle that came with it didn’t work as well as hoped, but I had a spare one and used that along with the brass fittings that came with the hose and it worked great. Don’t let hose sit in sun, especially in Florida, as leaks can occur. Mount the bracket on an exterior wall in shade.

  148. jeffreyskm

    My husband LOVES this hose!! I bought him two for Father’s Day as our German Shepherd loves water and biting at the hose. Hoses do not last long at our house, as you can imagine. He loves the heavy duty feel of the hose and the 75 ft expansion. And so far, its Shepherd proof! This hose gets a HUGE 5 stars from this user!!!

  149. Heather

    since it’s early in the season yet I really haven’t been able to use it except that I did use it to clean off my deck furniture and my deck and it was very easy to use and very spot-on and very easy to put back and empty the water out to curl up the hose again on the holder! So my first impression is great!

  150. CK

    This hose is perfect for outdoor gardening . It is easy to hook up to a water spigot and get the watering done without a heavy weighted hose to lug around. I like that it expands to the length I need and contracts easily without me lifting a finger. No more pulling or heavy lifting that rubber green hose which frustrated me most. If you want to enjoy taking care of your garden then this hose is going to make your work so much easier. I took excellent care of the hose, followed the instructions on the packaging. I did reach out to customer service for a replaced part that came loose and they did not hesitate to send a new hose! They responded within an hour and stayed true to their warranty. Great company service and they bend over backwards to ensure a great product.

  151. rudey wooldridge

    Light weight hose. I bought 3 pocket hose the first year they came out and returned 3 hoses with cracks in them the same summer, I swore I would not purchase another expandable hoses again… However I am going to give this one a try. Haven’t had this one that long to give an honest review but just in this short time am loving it…..

  152. Amazon Customer

    We purchased this in 05/of 2019. About two week’s ago it failed completely and was totally unusable. After sending an email to the seller, we got an immediate response asking for pictures of the failed parts, and after receiving those pictures, the seller immediately sent us a new hose as well as an additional “thank you” gift.

  153. LLL

    I love the hose and especially love how responsive the company was when I contacted them regarding a leak. Communication was instant and I received my new hose with no problem. Would definitely buy from them again.

  154. Olivia K

    I love everything about the hose (lightweight, stretch), except for its durability (mine broke in less than a year). Since the product comes with a lifetime warranty, the seller sent me a new hose the next day. Dealing with this seller literally returned my trust in humanity.

  155. Randy

    I bought this J&B XpandaHose and it worked great!! Came with a 2 year warranty! But when I pulled it across the driveway it sprung a leak and stopped working! I email them and Amazon sent out a new one free of charge and new one working great now!! Plus with this great service I got a lifetime warranty!!! CANT BEAT THIS SERVICE!!!!!! Great product and a GREAT manufacturer standing behind there product!!!

  156. Susan Ayers

    The customer service is pretty stellar hence the 2 stars but I am waiting to see if my warranty exchange holds up past 4 months. We live in the desert but keep it in the shade protected from the sun. The original purchase met all of our expectations upon arrival but disintegrated. If the replacement makes it passed 08/, I will gladly change my rating.—As promised, this exchange has survived thus far and these guys were VERY HELPFUL. Service and quality are great.

  157. Lawrence A. Gilbert

    Very light weight and easy to use and store. We have three. We have had a couple break near the connection point, but the supplier says they are addressing this and they fully stand behind their warranty!

  158. Amazon Customer

    I have a challenging situation to get water to my outside animals through the cold winter months. I need to hookup a hose every other day to inside (house) spickett so I can fill outside troughs, then put hose inside so it doesn’t freeze. Putting in frost free spicketts was not an option this fall at my new place. So far this hose is working great. The only reason I bought it was the company guarantee. From what other people had told me other scrunch hoses didn’t seem to last through one or two waters. I will update this review as we get farther into winter months!

  159. Aimee

    We test the limits of this hose by stretching it close to it’s maximum length for watering in our large backyard and have always been happy with the pressure and recoil back to a small bundle near the faucet. It’s lightweight enough for my 2-year old daughter to manage and durable enough to be run over by her tricycle. We had to replace it once when it sprang a link where it kinked at the faucet and the customer service representative made the replacement (through the Lifetime Warranty) easy and painless. I’m a customer for life and want to replace all my hoses with this brand!!

  160. David V. Singer

    First of all, dealing with John & Brian at J&B is a pleasure in itself. These gentlemen set the standard for sales and service.This hose “ain”t no joke.” I use ours daily and enjoy it every time. Ordered our SECOND one last week. Couldn”t be happier with sales and service. Thanks J&B

  161. Jeffrey L Raske

    Love this company and their customer service. Bought this for a friend and skeptic…he too now is impressed to say the least. Light weight and easy to store, and if it breaks you have a lifetime warranty, what more could you ask for! Customer service is the best , getting a replacement for broken hose is an easy task, answer a few questions ,send a pic of broken hose, and your new hose is on the way. Best company on Amazon by far! Thanks J&B

  162. C. Ruppert

    Have been using this hose for 2 months and really like it. Its very light when empty, easiest hose to put away that I have ever owned. Our rough concrete has put a few snags on it, but no leaks so far and with a lifetime warranty and a price thats competitive, I’m thinking of buying a second one.

  163. Zscooter

    So far so good with this lightweight hose.Have had leaking problems with other hoses so fingers crossed. Have been using for about a month. So much better than wrestling with the heavy monster of a hose we had before.Nozzle works well too. Got quick reply when asking for clarification of warranty. Response was lifetime when submitting email as instructed in response.

  164. Tanya Reid

    I bought this hose last summer and LOVE IT. I can reach the whole yard and it shrinks up nicely so I don’t have to fight putting away a massive, twisting, python-like 75 footer. It’s a real game changer! So I was super disappointed when it started leaking this summer. I checked my purchase history to see if there was a patch or something and saw about the lifetime warranty, but I honestly didn’t believe it. Long story short.. a week later I had a brand new hose on my doorstep. A-freaking-mazing.

  165. suzstans

    I’ve had multiple Pocket collapsible hoses which always pop after time.On first blush, the XpandaHose is great. very light weight, but sturdy.With the two year warranty, I’m optimistic that it will last a long time.

  166. Y. HAN

    Really light weight and very maneuverable. I use it to connect my pressure washer to the faucet for car washing. I can easily carry my pressure washer to any place i want. After washing is done, it is very easy to recoil the hose back to the rack. I really like it.

  167. Eds

    Very well constructed hose that is so easy to use. Sprayer nozzle is wonderful with all the settings you need, extra washers and hose hanger. Delivered earlier than I expected! I’ll be buying more of these 75 footers.

  168. Basil

    We have used the hose for several months and there are no leaks, or problems. Super light and easy to use for the entire backyard. We would not go back to a regular hose again. Highly recommend this hose.

  169. Fred

    The J&B XpandaHose 75 foot expandable hose is a very good, heavy duty product. The hose is very durable and much stronger than ones I have purchased elsewhere in the past. I bought the hose to use in our back and side yards, and it works perfectly and is very lightweight. In addition, I like dealing with the people who run this business and am happy to report that they stand behind their product.

  170. Colleen Patterson

    As a disabled person the old school houses are very heavy and difficult to maneuver. This hose is the complete opposite. I can water my plants with ease. I’ve only had the hose a couple weeks but so far it has worked perfectly. The one piece of advice I can share is to never leave water in the hose. Once you have completed your watering turn the water off.and continue to squeezes the nozzle until all water has been cleared. This will extend the life of your hose.

  171. KAK

    10/15/2018, contacted J&B as hose developed a leak and was unusable. They happily told me hose is under warranty and are sending me a new one today! I purchased this hose in 08/of 2017. Stick with this company!!Great customer service–had to call when I found a washer on my counter top after connecting hose to faucet. Then realized what it probably was part of connector; sent photo and e-mail to J&B who answered right away and explained need to insert. Then they sent me another hose which they tested prior to sending. Love the hose, light weight, and comes with sprayer!

  172. Coolhand

    I love these hoses. Hoses like these generally do not last long, so having a company willing to back their product when issues do happen makes it all worth it. My hose got a hole in it and all I needed to do was to show a video of the hole and they were willing to send a replacement. Great customer support and service! Thank you.

  173. John Bogardus

    My husband just purchased this hose for me after hearing me complain constantly about my old hose getting tangled up every time I used it and being too heavy for me. This hose is a dream; it’s very lite and expands easily so that I can cover my whole back yard without any problems. It doesn’t get tangled up!!! After I use it, I empty the water left in the hose and it contracts small for easy storage. I love the lifetime warranty the company offers. I keep the hose in a shady spot for long-lasting use. My only regret is that I didn’t buy years ago! I don’t have to complain anymore (-:

  174. David Hallman

    These expandable type hoses do not last forever but the XpandaHose was a good one. We used it daily and it finally wore out and broke on towards the end. J&B honored their lifetime warranty and sent me a new one. No hassles at all. I will buy from them again with hesitation.

  175. Michael

    This hose was built to last and perform! I love the durability and portability that this hose brings! At a whopping 75 feet long, I able to take my XpandaHose anywhere, whether I’m watering the garden or cleaning the car, my hose doesn’t disappoint. I’m so happy I was able to toss out my old, heavy and bulky hose and replace it with this one-of-a-king product. I strongly recommend this product for anyone who does lots of yard work or makes an effort to maintain their garden or crops. I’m also so impressed by the small size of the hose when it’s not in use.Overall a great product with great packaging and top notch quality!

  176. Vaughn

    This hose from J&B is clearly the best available here. In addition the customer service when I had a problem was handled promptly and with excellent service.

  177. ar

    The hose developed a split after a year. Customer service responded immediately and replacement sent quickly. Love the product and especially the professional customer service. Great company

  178. Bob T.

    The hose is light weight, maneuverable and very compact. Certainly the best type hose to use around the yard. However, the hose did break and that is when I found out about the great customer service at J & B Merchandise LLC. They return emailed me within an hour requesting the order number and a picture or video of the break. I sent them the information and they return emailed me confirmation of the shipping of the replacement. I received the new hose today, approximately 30 hours after I initiated the process.

  179. Jason W Borgstahl

    This was the coolest surprise from my husband. I have struggled for years with the big ugly colored heavy hoses for years. No more. This is a very lightweight easy to use all around my house. Love that when you are done no more winding up and hiding your hose. It retracts small and light enough to carry in one hand. Hides well. This is a wonderful product for anyone who suffers with back and or shoulder pain.

  180. Clare Schmidt

    This is the best expandable hose I have ever had (and I have had many). It’s heavy duty and perfect around the stables for filling water troughs in the winter. Water comes out faster than others. Easy to drain and put away. A must have. 👍👍👍👍👍

  181. D. Bowden

    This hose was a replacement for a defective similar hose with a 2yr warranty from a different vendor that now is where to be found. The lifetime warranty was my reason for buying this one and it performs as expected, very convenient to store with the included caddy that fits over the spigot.

  182. William E Bishop

    Awesome company to deal with. I had two hoses go bad so I called and texted them and they responded back the same day which is unheard of theses days. No questions asked they just sent two new ones. The third hose I purchased is still working great. If you’re looking for a good quality hose this is the one. When you’re working with a great customer service base company like this one you can’t go wrong. Thanks again

  183. SusieQ

    I bought two of these 75′ hoses and have been very pleased with them. The sprayer was included in the package, and the hoses are sturdy but very light. They collapse for storage very quickly.

  184. joanna kelly

    I am the person that always reads reviews but rarely takes the time to write a review. But for this product and the excellent customer service that stands behind it’s product, I am making an exception! I love expandable hoses especially in my barn as they are so easy to drain in the winter months and so lightweight. I did lose a screw in the hose shut off and contacted the company. I got an immediate personal reply back from the owners of the company and with their 2 year guarantee, I received a replacement hose within 2 days. I highly recommend this product.

  185. Alanah

    Had a warranty issue several months after first purchase but otherwise really love the product… the seller/company replaced the hose for me which was awesome!

  186. marjoslas

    It feels like a very high quality hose. We use it in an area around a lot of wooden planters and an older slightly rough deck, we haven’t had it snag once! It works exactly as described and is light enough for someone with limited strength in her arm to get out and enjoy watering her garden again!

  187. Michael G. Mooney

    Awesome product! Best hose I have EVER had in my hands‼️‼️Will get another if I EVER need one again 🤣.

  188. aj

    This hose is the best out there. The couplings are all brass. I’ve tried quite a few before this and this is the best one on the market. Lifetime guaranteed & if something does happen to the hose they have the BEST customer service! I highly recommend this hose.

  189. GrandDog

    Placed on back porch. Should have purchased other than black. Looks like a Black Racer snake. Really???Have used only once. It is a learning experience. All good.

  190. kera

    This hose is awesome for getting around my small garden. The valve is super useful. Storage is a breeze as it shrinks up nice and small when you drain it.

  191. Birdie

    Have tried many brands of these types of hoses , all of which failed normally with 30 days.This one 05/actually last . Seems well made. Time of course will tell, but so far very pleased

  192. Brandon

    Having a hose that expands and contracts like this one is amazing! Also storing it in its bag and not on a hose wheel is also a plus. Quality hose.

  193. SRS

    I took a chance and I’m happy I did. This hose is great. It’s light weight and doesn’t knock down all the plants as I drag the house around to water things. It also doesn’t kink and is easy to put back on the hose rack. The quality looks very good and a couple months later I decided to buy another one for the other side of my house.

  194. Amazon Customer

    The J and B Flexible hose is lightweight, easy to carry anywhere in the yard and is one of the very few that maintain good pressure. They also take up very little space in storage. We keep ours in a decorative pot on the back patio. I would recommend this hose. I have purchased three and plan to buy three more for my second home.

  195. Frieder Hofmann

    Had expandable hose before from a different maker. Was not impressed since hose broke quickly. Had ordered one hose last 11/. It appears to hold up. Based on this experience, I ordered three more hoses. No more unsightly hoses to roll up. These coil up without any effort in a small planter box.

  196. Cara

    It spouted leaks Sunday, they responded in an hour and company sent me a new one – just arrived (Monday!)First experience with a real warranty :)3 stars for durability cause it 05/have been defective – don’t know what the new one will do.

  197. BOMBA

    I just got it and it worked great. BUT the one I replaced it for worked great for 2 months and then blew up!! But I got smart and got one with A 2 year warranty and they even added an extra 6 months SO I feel they really believe in their product.

  198. G.W.

    Unfortunately, after a year of use my hose began to leak. I loved the product. Brian offered a replacement hose. Had to wait a week or two because of COVID for them to get them back in stock, but Brian sent an email and said the replacement was on the way. I expect it to arrive any day. Great Customer Service and the Honor their commitments.

  199. Israel G. Martinez

    We use our hose all the time and it has been great. Friday our hose had a pin hole leak. I contacted the company and they asked for a video of the leak. I sent them the video on Sunday and received an email that a replacement is on the way.Great service will be a life time customer

  200. Danny Kerbs

    Solid product made of high quality material. I really like this thing. I’ve had a few of these hoses over the years that have broken and torn open. As soon as this one arrived I could tell that it was far more sturdy from my previous ones and doesn’t feel cheap at all. I’d buy another one if I had to, but I won’t need to since it has a LIFETIME WARRANTY! Can’t beat that.

  201. Investor

    Very light and easy to use. You can easily maneuver around plants and spaces. The lifetime warranty is the best you could get in a product. Service department is easy to deal with in a very timely manner. Highly recommended!!!

  202. Gregory S.

    Solid brass fittings make it easy to hook up the hose. The shutoff feature is excellent because you can turn on the faucet at the house to allow the hose to expand without having water run out before you hook it up to a sprinkler or another hose. Appears to be much better made then previous expanding hoses we have had.

  203. mike

    I love this hose for around the house. I do t want to use the heavy rubber ones that are always a pain. I’ve tried multiple other hoses. Even the metal ones. I didn’t like any of them until I found this one. Perfect hose for the home. Light weight, durable and the gun has all the spray option I could want. Also, Custer service is beyond great!

  204. Olivia in Portland

    The answer is yes. Buying these for gifts for everyone in my life. Before and after photos added to show just how much it expands. Reaches much farther than I expected.

  205. SAR

    I received one as a gift and quickly purchased a second one. The hose is lightweight and expands to 75 feet for easy watering. I had a hard time with regular hoses as they were too heavy to maneuver and I ended up crushing plants when trying to water. This one is easy to move around my gardens. It comes with a storage reel and nozzle too!!When one developed a leak, I notified the company and they mailed me a brand new one. How can you go wrong with a lifetime guarantee?

  206. Grandma Brooks

    Love this hose! Lightweight, but sturdy. So easy to carry around where I need it. Love how it retracts itself when turned off and using up the water in it. So easy to curl up and hang… doesn’t take us nearly as much room as my old hose.

  207. Katie Crosslin

    This company has great customer service! I bought a hose a few months ago and immediately loved the design and function. Fast forward a bit….unfortunately, some workers at our house took off with the coupling (brass part) that connects to the hose. The hose is not functional without that part. I called the company about getting a replacement part, and they ended up sending me a new hose through the warranty program. How kind!

  208. Susan S

    I love the garden hose. Unlike the old expandable hoses this one has substance. It doesn’t get knotted up and it’s still light weight and easy to handle.I don’t mind watering anymore because I’m not dragging heavy hoses around and then going through the struggle of winding them up to store them, This hose retracts when I shut the water off and is easy to store.

  209. larry P

    I’ve bought several of these hoses and couldn’t be happier with them. They compress to nothing when when they contract after using, and they’re very light weight. My wife had a hard time dragging a 75 hose across the yard, and storage was another issue. This company has been a pleasure to deal with, and in this pandemic, they’re the kind of company I want to support – rather than the big box or online giants. I highly recommend them.

  210. frator

    I have only been using the hose for a week but it is performing as described. The connectors are brass and seem solid. The hose is firm to the squeeze, lightweight, and expands to what seems like three times it’s length. I also like the little hanger that came with it. So far it’s working great.

  211. Sherri

    This expandable hose is so much easier to use and is so lightweight in comparison to a rubber hose which always kinks up. This hose does not kink and the nozzle that is provided with the hose is fabulous. I highly recommend the seller and the product.

  212. T. Woodgate

    I love this hose! I bought 4 and have loved using them all over my garden – on every side of my home. They are easy to move around – no cumbersome, coiling skills needed! Recently one of my hoses sprung a leak – not sure why – the other 3 are great. I contacted Customer Service at J&B and heard back within hours! I was given a one-time coupon for the cost of a new hose and ordered it from Amazon immediately! Thank you!!!!

  213. Amazon Customer

    We have, literally, gone through so many of these expandable hoses. This one has been the best! Others have exploded within days, but not this one. Highly recommend!

  214. CDR

    The hose itself is super high quality, unlike many others available on Amazon. But what sets this hose apart is both its warranty and the terrific customer service offered by J&B Merchandise. Buy with confidence!

  215. Amazon Customer

    I use this hose to water a large butterfly gardenThe hose is lightweight so plants aren’t crushed if the hose is dragged accross them. The hose extends fully once the water is on, and shrinks when the water is turned off. There is an on/off toggle switch at the hose nozzle. Lightweight and easy to use.

  216. Ken

    I actually had an issue with my hose after the return period expired – I think the heat weakened the inside, causing it to burst. The seller, J&B Merchandise, pointed out the 2 year warranty and replaced it for me. Very rare that happens, and really glad to give this hose another shot! Definitely recommend buying from J&B Merchandise since they stand behind their products.

  217. Amazon Customer

    J&B Merchandise stands up to lifetime guarantee. I received a communication that I might have a leaky nozzle which was true. I contacted the company and they sent me a a new hose that had been tested. The new hose performs as described.

  218. Erna Stucky

    Like everything, dislike nothing.Thank you to help me enjoy watering the yard again.The second order of the same hose was a gift and she too likes the way it handles.The only dislike is that my spray nozzle is a much better quality with brass attachment, the second one has parts of lesser quality.

  219. KB

    Highly recommend, makes watering so much easier. Used to have the traditional hose that always kinked up and heavy to drag around.

  220. Bella Phillips

    I like that the hose is lightweight,it is easy to move around. I have only used it a few times. So far it has worked Great. The hose is very well made.

  221. Paul Jones

    I ran over this hose with my riding tractor cutting grass. It got wrapped around the blades so tight it was impossible to undo it. It was actually wrapped around one then stretched tight across and wrapped around the second blade. I figured it was a loss cause because it would be cut and damaged for sure. I had to cut it away from the blades and even had a hard time cutting it. After 30 min of fighting getting it off I inspected the hose damage. There was NONE at all except where I had to cut it!

  222. ElizaB

    This lightweight yet long hose is perfect! Stores easily, stretches abundantly, and has great flow. The nozzle is excellent, too! When I needed to contact the seller, they were immediately responsive! You will be totally satisfied with this purchase long after you receive it!

  223. Kindle Customer

    I have had this hose for a month and it works well, space saver. Durability is still to early to tell. I have purchased similar hoses in the past and they all sprung leaks in under a year of use.

  224. Kind consumer

    This hose Works quite well. I have to keep it protected from my dog, but otherwise very useful.

  225. Jeff Smith

    Love the hose so far. I’m pleased with a company that will actually warranty their product like this. I have had no problems with this product, it is light, easy to drain, and fits nicely back into the bag it was sent in.

  226. Kory Blythe

    Hose came quickly and was very nice quality. It came with a lifetime warranty and did develop a a few wholes after a decent period of time and even during covid the company responded and got us a new one once things had settled some. Their customer service was fantastic and that’s why I rated them a five even with the hose that sprung a leak!

  227. Tai-huang H.

    My 75 ft Xpandahose which I purchase on Feb/2019 develop a leak due to a small hole, possibly punched by a cactus thorn. The hose has been working wonderfully for the whole year. I sent an email to the company asking for replacement of this lifetime warranty hose.. I got the replay from Mr. John Spellman the next day and gave me a clear instruction on how to get the replacement with asking any question. The replacement arrived the next day !!!! Thanks for the speedy and pleasant response.

  228. Kathy Detrick

    The best thing about this hose is it has a stronger water flow than the other expandable hoses. I’ve bought several other expandable hoses…some good, and some not so good. I finally hit the jackpot when I ordered the J&B 75ft Expandable Water Hose. It is so much better than the others that I bought two of them as a Christmas gift for my son. He also loves them.

  229. Amazon Customer

    These type hoses don’t last long, but so far this one has done better than the previous 3.

  230. j. winchester

    Light weight, expands nicely so can water all my pots in varied parts of yard, and collapses readily when done. Big time and energy saver for me.

  231. Dale Muegenburg

    I didn’t dream there could be a hose that is this light and convenient. I have always left the watering to my husband since wrestling with the hose was such a pain. Now I actually enjoy watering! We ordered two and there was a small leak in one, but I contacted their customer service by email. I received an immediate very courteous response and the replacement is on its way. I am very impressed. Great hose–great service!

  232. Phil

    Remarkable! I have been dragging 100 foot hose around the yard for 50 years. This hose is a lifesaver. It takes up virtually no room to store, is insanely lightweight and easy to drag around, and clears is its own knots. Gave one to my daughter, who sells real estate, and she now purchases purchases them as a move-in gift for clients. Well done!

  233. mercedeh namei

    I bought this for our small and linear courtyard. I use it almost everyday and I am so glad we got this item. It works as it was described and when the water is fully emptied out, it can be stored away easily.

  234. karen mango

    Just used my hose for the first time yesterday. Was very pleased. The 75′ is going to come in handy. Also like the hanger that goes over the faucet to leave your hose on, but I have found it better not to leave hoses of this type out in the sun for long periods of times. Seems very sturdy. I am pleased.

  235. CCS Pursuits

    I demand high quality and this product has it. The connectors are all VERY solid and well constructed. The hose itself is incredibly light but impressively strong. So very satisfied with this product.

  236. Greg from Idaho

    This product had some mixed reviews like everything but I bought it mainly for my wife to use to water her plants. Other hoses were hard for her to wind up so she absolutely loves this. It’s not going to have a lot of pressure on it so I think it will work perfect for us

  237. RC MD

    This hose is everything I wanted and more. Efficient, lightweight, easy to use, and, happy to say, backed with a warranty that delivers. This morning I discovered the hose had developed a leak. I wrote to J&B, told them about the problem, and just learned that a replacement hose is on its way. It is so encouraging to know that there is still a company out there that will back up their words with actionable solutions. Well done.

  238. Rab

    I just received my hose and hooked it to the hose bib and it works great. It doesn’t leak at the bib or the spray attachment. The spray attachment works well. I haven’t had it very long but I’m happy with the hose and spray attachment.

  239. AHTeacher

    I love this hose. I got another one for the back of the house after I loved the first one so much. Great quality- very happy!

  240. Rick W.

    This company is extremely customer friendly! Great hose! Very easy to work with and move from the back to the front of my house. Much better than the typical garden hose you get at the big box store.

  241. bmj

    Have only had it for a few days. I like everything about it, so far. Seems to be very well made in comparison to the other expandable hoses I have purchased. Impressed with the warranty and the company followup. Would definitely buy again.

  242. Amazon Customer

    It is soo easy to use and saves a lot of space. I love it and the holder that comes with it.Classy product!9/2020Unfortunately, I had to request a replacement. J&B was quick to respond with hassle free customer service. From the time of the request to time of replacement took less than a week.

  243. Moll Hackabout

    We just got this hose, and I love it. It’s really light, and so easy to maneuver. I’ve wanted one of these super-light hoses for a long time, but was always worried about their durability. This one seems to be made quite well, and the lifetime warranty gives peace of mind. I hope I won’t ever have to use the warranty, but will update this review if I do.

  244. Shau

    I now own two of these hoses. front yard and back yard. Lightweight, easy to store and move around… good looking too – nothing like being proud to show off your hose to the neighbors.

  245. Emily Pham

    Best hose I’ve used so far. Had to return several other brands after a couple of weeks use before I found this brand. Great and prompt customer service too.

  246. Kindle Customer

    1st working so well I bought a 2nd. Now I will likely buy a 3rd to rid self of that unwieldy last regular hose.And you can’t beat the warranty.

  247. Steve Frankel

    Hose is easy to use, fills itself and expands quickly. Much easier to use than standard hoses.

  248. FRANK

    Love it. Just drain and drop in a big pot on porch. turn it on pops out and water flowers.No winding or wrapping

  249. KitchenSpec

    My 75′ XpandaHose ordered from Amazon worked as expected, Quality connections, hose-expandability provided in an off-season storage bag. Hose hanger for spigot, extra rubber washers, and lifetime-warranty made a good deal.

  250. Espishere!

    Every once in a while even great products have issues. I purchased a terrific hose from you and it had a mechanical defect 15 months after my purchase. I contacted you via email and the owner John personally resolved my issue within 24 hours! So if you want to purchase a great product backed by an honorable and great company with people who care about their customers, then buy it with total confidence!

  251. whitedog

    I love this hose. It is very light weight, expands to expected length, very easy to use and store

  252. Amazon Customer

    The main reason I bought this hose was for the warranty. I have had several others fail, and was tired of ordering new ones. The hosE did las longer but started leaking. I emailed the company and received an immediate response. I just received my replacement hose, at no cost, even shipping was free. Thank you for taking care of your customers so well!

  253. Korchaguin Jimenez

    This hose really surpassed my expectations, super light, easy to handle, doesn’t twist. The installation kit comes with extra stoppers and the spraying head works great, it is plastic so hopefully it won’t rust as the metallic ones. The extra price compared to traditional toses is very well worth.

  254. Dave Tyler

    Used for watering front deck plantings. Product was great but inexplicably developed a break in the inner tubing creating a leak and rendering it unusable. I contacted John and he responded immediately and has shipped a replacement. I strongly recommend J&B.Dave Tyler

  255. Patricia

    I bought two of the 75 ft length hoses for around my yard and decks. They are easy to attach, a dream to use and move and shrink to an amazingly shorter size when not in use. These are definitely my favorite hoses of all time. To match the product is awesome customer service that honors their warranty! I couldn’t be more pleased and definitely recommend these products. This is the first detailed product review I have ever written.

  256. Bigcahoonas10

    Excellent product and excellent company that stands by their product. I highly recommend this hose and company.

  257. muriel g.

    These expandable hoses are genius! I have bought several other brands and eventually they spring a leak; I accept as part of cost of such a convenient hose. But this company offers a lifetime warranty, costs a tiny bit more but worth every penny…….75’……..makes gardening a breeze. BUY ONE OR TWO RIGHT NOW!!!! This hose will bring a ray of sunshine and happiness to you the minute it arrives!

  258. mverhoef

    Thank you soooo very much for your quick response to my email. I appreciate your immediate response to my request of replacing my guaranteed hose. I received it within 2 days and am so impressed with the wonderful response and great customer response. I love this expandable hose!!

  259. Colleen C.

    I had a defective hose. Sent and email with pictures. Within 3 days I received a replacement. Would definitely buy from this vendor again.

  260. Ken Catlin

    Been the J&B hose for a few weeks and works great. Seems very durable and has good water pressure. I bought this to replace a competitor’s hose that broke within one week. That hose was much more flimsy by comparison.

  261. Robert J Gibson

    My wife uses this hose for watering her plants and filling Bird Bath, She Loves the ease of Maneuvering around with it and put it away is a Breeze.

  262. Amazon Customer

    We used this hose for around 3 months and it is great. Long, easy to use, shrinks up small and we loved it. Unfortunately, it developed a small rip, which eventually turned into a giant tear making the hose unusable. I was super bummed, and the hose seems like it’s constructed well so I think it was kind of a freak accident. I reached out to the seller and they quickly responded and arranged for a new hose. Great customer service, great product.

  263. Carol Hutchison

    After using regularly for almost 3 weeks, we are very happy with this hose. It quickly expands to full length and remains lightweight and maneuverable thruout usage. It also shrinks back to original length quickly once the water has drained out of hose. Besides using in the garden, we have also washed our car and were very happy with the water pressure and lightweight aspect. Seems quite durable, and we hope that it will hold up for the long term. We 05/need another one for the backyard soon. and we would buy this one again.

  264. ollnavy

    We needed a new hose and after researching things I went with this hose, Love it and my wife who hates collapsible hose’s also loves it.

  265. Marshall A. Perry

    I bought this hose and liked it so much I purchased 2 more to give away as gifts. My original one sprung a small leak and I contacted the seller assuming they would ignore my request. Instead, they immediately arranged a replacement. The product was backordered, but they kept me posted and it arrived during the expected time. The other 2 hoses are great and I will never go back to an old fashioned hose.

  266. Pye Hope Simpson

    Only used twice so far. Really like it. Had heard negative reviews about these types of hoses so have waited couple of years before buying and made sure it had brass fittings when I did. Very easy to use, no surprises, wonderfully lightweight, collapses down as water drains. Understand it cannot be left in sunlight so will store in bucket between uses.

  267. Amazon Customer

    I love this hose! it is so easy to carry around the yard because it is so light. When you are done you drain the water and hang it up. No more trying to get that big heavy hose rolled around something to store it. Also had a great experience with customer service at J&B. Quick response and very pleasant to work with.

  268. Akh

    I like the look of material, quite sturdy, I like that the water empty from hose quickly, much faster than the one I had before and broke in less than a year which was different brand. Thank you

  269. Hard to satisfy

    Having just gone through three other expandable hoses that each lasted no more than a year before popping, I was convinced they are not worth the extra conveniences they bring. But with a lifetime warranty, it was hard to pass on this model. So far it’s working fine and even feels a bit more solidly constructed than the other brands I’ve tried. Only time will tell, but for now I really like it!

  270. Amazon Customer

    My hose unfortunately sprung a leak and as promised, J&B replaced it with absolutely no issues, mind you, I purchased my hose almost a year ago ! I love my hose and the warrantee makes it an unbeatable deal.

  271. Roland C Boisjoli

    We purchased/returned over a dozen of the Home Depot brand hoses over the past couple of years.Bought the 75′ hose, and my wife absolutely loves it, and has used it nearly every day for over a year!It did spring a leak, and the XpandaHose people promptly replaced it.That’s service and integrity beyond reproach!Worth every pennyRoland

  272. Audreyauna Williams

    I bought this hose for its lengeth and ability to coil up tightly when not in use. It’s perfect for small spaces. I received this hose and when I went to screw it on our faucet, it began leaking from the nozzle. I cannot say enough good things about this company! I sent the hose back to get a refund and not only did they refund me, they sent me a new hose free of charge! I was happily surprised to receive the package and love the hose! It’s nice to know there are companies that truly care about their products and customers satisfaction.

  273. Rickyb

    I liked it so much, I bought a second one. 75′ is just the right size. I have another 75′ and a 50′ and a 25′ all different brands. This one works for me for the upper deck.

  274. Eric A Martinez

    This is the best garden hose I have ever owned! Love that is compact, yet very versatile when in use. I did have a leak develope with it, but J&B customer service was outstanding, and replaced it right away!

  275. Kathy

    Was amazing, my husband used it and he really liked it. I also like it cause it light and not so hard for me to use much easier. thinking about getting another one. Thanks

  276. Amazon Customer

    Great hose! Lightweight with excellent brass fittings.This hose came with a shut-off valve, super nozzle, bag and hose hanger.If the hose is registered online the mfg will extend the warranty from 2 years to 2 yrs and an addition 6 mos!I’ve used the ‘Pocket Hose” for several years – it always leaks!I wish I’d started using the XpandaHose many dollars ago!

  277. Amazon Customer

    Excellent customer service. My garden hose developed a problem after a year of use. I contacted the mfg. and without hesitation I was provided with a replacement at n/c. In this day and age it’s great to do business with a company that stands behind their product. Buy with 100% confidnce!

  278. Tom S.

    It’s a great hose, never had trouble with kinking or water pressure issues when moving the hose around. Was very easy to store. I had a small hole form about a year after purchase but it was quickly replaced under their great warranty – very attentive customer service quick to remedy the situation and follow up as promised – I would definitely purchase again.

  279. Jeanne L. Jenne

    Love these hoses. Seems like they only last 2 years. I am hoping this is made better than the other ones.

  280. shelby venable

    I’ve had 5 hoses and they have all started leaking – making them unusable. I’ve only had this one a month or so, we’ll see if it lasts. It has a two year guarantee.

  281. Gene S.

    Have been a J&B Xpandahose user for about 3 years and have nothing but good reviews to offer. The hoses are truly expandable, very light and can carry 75 feet in one hand easily.The product is great and the customer service thru J&B and Amazon is outstanding.And best of all: made in the USA!!

  282. Ann L.

    I ordered this hose a little over a year ago. The inner core separated and made the hose unusable. Since it had a 2 year replacement guarantee I contacted the company through Amazon. I received a replacement within 2 weeks with no questions asked. They even upgraded the warranty to lifetime. By the way I love the hose. Easy to use and just as advertised.

  283. Ronald Hijduk

    My wife uses this hose to water plants in her vegetable garden. It is so much easier to handle than the previous vinyl hose she used. It has a valve that you can close at the nozzle-end that is pretty nifty!

  284. Karin McCarhty

    I just received this hose,it appears to be of good quality and easy to navigate. I finally have had a long day of use with my new hose and I really appreciate the ease of navigating and returning the hose into a small bucket.I have a large hill that I have spent cultivating for nearly 30 years and consequently needs daily watering.This hose is a wonderful invention for serious watering of all sorts.

  285. Bonnie Potter

    I am a senior citizen with disabilities. This was perfect to use for my gardening in my pool area in my Florida Lanai. Researched many other hoses looking for one that would be durable yet lightweight.

  286. M. Kaplan

    Although I have only owned/used this hose for a few weeks, I feel the quality is very good and am pleased with the power it allows when the head is put on jet mode. This hose replaces an older version of an expandable hose that worked for 2 years but then burst. So we are familiar with this type of hose. LOVE the 75ft. length!! Very quick to shrink for easy hanging on our hose hook. The quality fits the price!

  287. Ethan

    Hose made it for a couple months of pretty hard use but then broke where it hooks to the threaded end. The warranty is legit and they shipped us a new one even after having a delay because of COVID 19.

  288. Samantha

    These hoses are great. Lightweight, easy to move around, store, etc. So easy, in fact, that my small kids are able to help move the hoses/sprinklers from spot to spot on the lawn, which they never were able to do with any other hoses.One of our hoses got punctured, I sent an email, and within an hour I had a thoughtful response from John in my inbox, standing by their product and honoring the lifetime guarantee!Great product and even better customer service!

  289. Debbie J Davis

    The reviews I read before purchasing gave this hose good results. I am very pleased with the quality and it appears more durable than the ones I had purchased before. Time will be the true test, but I have faith that this will be the hose I have been hoping for.

  290. Susan L

    I just received this hose today and couldn’t wait to use it. It came in a small box and I thought there was a mistake. It’s very flexible and lightweight so I can maneuver it around easily. The brass fittings are strong and no leaks. And I loved the nozzle(again,no leaks). I’m a senior with severe arthritis and this hose made my gardening fun. I definitely recommend this hose.

  291. Diane

    first let me say I’m not a person that does reviews . I must say J & B is deserving and is an excellent company! There customer service is outstanding! I contacted them Sunday and Brian went above and beyond to replace my hose. Just received it today Tuesday I would say that is a company that stands behind their product good job J & B and thank you Brian! They deserve six stars

  292. Fred

    Unfortunately my hose did break and it was replaced with no questions asked, THANKS!

  293. Linnz

    Ordered the 75 ft. hose for my backyard. Easy to move and easy to store. No kinks. Now I want one for thefront yard and garden. I had one of the cheap ones before and hated it, no water pressure. This one is perfect.Good water pressure Using for my plants and to wash my car. Also like the connections and the spray nozzle.

  294. William S.

    Best hose we’ve ever owned! It’s light and easy to maneuver. We live in a city and utilize our alley for additional garden space. This means we have to haul our hose clear across our yard and behind our fence. It used to be such a chore with our old, traditional hose! When our Xpandahose got punctured somehow, I contacted J&B Merchandise and within 8 minutes I had a reply with a code to order a free replacement. Talk about service! I am sold for life. Thanks J&B!

  295. Yasser

    Never thought I’d ever be writing a review for a hose, but this company is amazing! Lifetime warranty really means lifetime! They will send you a replacement if it ever goes bad. I was skeptical but they actually respond quickly and with professionalism, even in the middle of a pandemic!! 5 stars not just for the hose, but for the company and their chief Brian.

  296. Larry Niezgoda

    Have had hose for a few far it is working as described. So much easier than the old rubber hose to pull our garden. Hoping it keeps holding up because I think it’s a great product.

  297. Gary Motley

    These hoses are fantastic and have held up well under heavy use. The shut off lever did break when I dropped the hose on the concrete but I wrote to J & B Merchandise explaining what happened and they sent new fittings within 3 days. Thank you John!

  298. Carmen H.

    I didn’t think that it would as good as it is. I have others and they didn’t the job of this hose so far I really like the hose and hope it holds up.

  299. PC

    This hose is extremely easy to use, and totally unobtrusive when not in use. The nozzle has several modes, of which I use two. The flow of water is excellent. No leaks at the connections. Very light. It does not seem to kink. I hope it last a couple of seasons.

  300. DesignElements

    The SUPER FAST DELIVERY. Sturdy, well made product. Great well made attachment makes quick work of morning watering. Appreciate the quality details!

  301. CP Fung

    bought this based on the reviews and I’m glad it didn’t disappoint. very lightweight and easy to carry around. i was shocked when the box came as it was so small but this does work great once it’s expanded and even more of an ease ‘dumping’ water as the water doesn’t seem to be trapped inside and it comes out quickly. would buy again for sure.

  302. Rick A.

    Been using this hose for several weeks now, so far so good.

  303. Robin Parker

    I love how this 100 foot hose shrinks back to about 15 feet when you empty the water. It’s SO lightweight and easy to store! It’s fascinating to watch it fill with water and shrink back when empty. I always empty before putting away. I love, love, love it. Priced very reasonably and good quality!

  304. Kim O’Gara

    I love this hose. It’s lightweight and stretches to expand. Storing is easier to stow away since its a long hose that shrinks, I don’t have to wind up a huge heavy hose anymore!

  305. abcde

    Best choice for expanding hose and excellent customer service

  306. Norma J Reineke

    I like this hose because it is lightweight and has a lifetime warranty. I use it to water my plants.

  307. joshua

    The hose is great, mine started leaking, and had to use my 100ft rubber hose and it was the worst, I contacted the company, and they did not hesitate to send me a new one.

  308. Melissa C.

    I am a gardener who was tied of dragging heavy hoses all over my yard. I’m not getting any younger. This is the best hose that I have ever owned. Plus I like the fact that there is a lifetime guarantee if anything should go wrong with it. You won’t be sorry with purchasing this hose.

  309. Thrasher

    Great hose, and it has a lifetime warranty

  310. Delores

    This is a great hose. It works exactly as described. I love the fact that there’s a two year warranty. The customer service is excellent. J&B stands behind their product. They’re prompt and courteous in resolving any issues. The hose is well made and durable. I highly recommend this product.

  311. Michele Scotto

    This product does everything you need it to: it’s light, compact, stretches out easily and has plenty of pressure.Also, great customer service by the company. I had an issue with my hose, and received a nice response and the issue was resolved painlessly.Thank you

  312. joyce price

    really light and easy to handle. its still new but so far so good


    Of all the expanible hoses I’ve bought here or there,and I’ve bought several, J&BXpandaHose is the best so far

  314. JeffreyKnox

    This is my 3rd purchase from J&B. These are so lightweight and easy to use. No more dragging hoses around the yard and reeling them into some contraption to store. You can pick these up with one hand and carry them wherever you need them and store them in the bag they come in or in a cabinet when you are done.

  315. ibeedug

    I love this hose! The manufacturer’s warranty and customer service is unmatched.

  316. Lady Luck 13

    Great hose, very durable, have had it for a couple of months. Love the different features on the nozzle, no leaks around either connection.

  317. ATC

    This hose is well made with quality parts. Lifetime warranty is a huge piece of mind with their excellent customer service. I had a small issue with my hose after several months of use and they did not hesitate to honor the warranty.J & B is definitely a company I would purchase from again.

  318. VBAM

    Saw this hose at a friends house and was fascinated ( I apparently hadn’t kept up with hose developments). Would highly recommend to anyone as it is so versatile, light and easy to work with.

  319. max w.

    This hose is meeting ALL my expectations!!! At first I was not sure it was 75 ft but it just needed to get stretched out!!! After first use it is AWESOME !!!!!

  320. DN

    I am going on three years with this hose. I have never had one last this long.

  321. Danny Maez

    Perfect length After 4 month my hose got a small leak. After contacting J&B Lawn they responded same day saying they would replace hose. It was out of stock but I was kept informed. When it was in stock they sent me the replacement. Very Happy

  322. K. Lorenz

    Excellent purchase. It does just what it says it does and it doesn’t leak, doesn’t kink, and is lightweight and easy to move around the yard. But most of all it comes with a lifetime warranty against failure as so many people have complained about with other expandable hoses. This alone should be worth the purchase.

  323. Matt

    Quality product, and exceptional customer service! These guys stand by their Lifetime Warranty, and expediently resolve any concerns. I highly recommend J&B! It’s been a true pleasure doing business with them.

  324. Amazon Customer

    I have owned 2 expandable hoses bought from Walmart, and they both have leaked. So far this one is good and will last for a long time – if not, they do have a long term warranty for it! Very pleased!

  325. JD's

    I purchased this hose over three years ago and it has performed well until a few days ago. I contacted customer support, and John and Brian responded quickly to my email and a replacement is on its way.

  326. James Armour

    I have only used it one time but I am impressed so far. Can’t beat a lifetime warranty.

  327. Leigh Ann

    As a 70-year-old widow, I love this easy-to-manage, lightweight garden hose. I have the 75’ length, and can easily get to both my front and back gardens to water.

  328. *Deb*

    Love this hose! Super long. Had a little issue with a small defect. FIVE STARS to their customer service for handling it!! Would highly recommend!

  329. Jakebama

    Have two of these and really like the way they work. No tangles or kinks. One got a leak and they sent a new one. Excellent value

  330. Allen S.

    Exactly what I needed. No more reel; winding or unwinding. Nice package…looks like a winner.

  331. Ross Taylor

    What a great hose! I used it for the first time yesterday and am impressed. It appears more durable than other expandable hoses and is well made with high quality materials.

  332. Dawn

    The nozzle is great, the connectors are excellent, I love this thing and the service is really good. I’m really glad I bought this because wrestling with those manual hose reels is ridiculous.

  333. Marc Schauben

    Most important to me is the warranty as I’ve had expandable hoses before that did not last very long.

  334. Deb Hall

    Received the product timely and the is much better than the Pocket Hose, huge difference and more durable.

  335. Chance

    After a year my hose started leaking and was useless. I emailed the company at they responded quickly asking for some information and a picture of the leak. A new hose was sent to me, I was very impressed with how easy it was. They also informed me that I have been upgraded to a Lifetime warranty!


    I just tried my water hose twice, just got it. It is everything it said to be. lightweight, no kinks, easy to maneuver and to store in a small container. I am qjuite please with this product. I will take good care of it as I want it to last for a while. I am glad you have a lifetime warranty.Thank you

  337. Amazon Customer

    The hose take no place at all what I really love about it is that I do have arthritis so this hose simplify my life ” not heavy , easy to manoeuvre ”

  338. scharara

    I’m happy to use the hose again. I had a problem with the hose and they were very helpful and took care of the problem

  339. Emily Taylor

    We love this hose so much we decided to buy a second one for our back yard. It is easy to use, stores great on the loop provided, and is very lightweight.

  340. JMacS

    Like how light and easy to handle the hose is. Have now purchased three of these hoses. J&B, stands behind their product & is excellent in customer service!

  341. dubt

    Works very well and easy to move around the the hose. Had a bit of a leak on the nozzle and contacted the seller. Seller sent a replacement part immediately. Great customer service and highly recommended.

  342. JERI L.

    LOVE this hose! I have struggled with the kinked and heavy regular rubber hoses…no more! This is light, never kinks and shrinks when not in use. Buy this hose…you won’t be sorry!

  343. Ray Fitzgerald

    My hose nozzle quit working, so I received two in place of it. Thank you so much.

  344. debra l hurtubise

    So far, I absolutely love this hose!! My old hose kept kinking and this one has not kinked once. So glad I purchased it. 05/even buy a few more for gifts. Thanks for an amazing product.

  345. MF

    Excellent customer service. My hose sprung a leak and I contacted seller. Replaced defective hose immediately.

  346. Tom Ewell

    After have another brand explode in my hand the first time I tried to use it; it has been a pleasure having this one preform the way it should. It expands to the full length and is very easy to handle. Very happy with this purchase.

  347. Drago

    This is one if not the best costumer service that I found.They were attentive and rapid on all responses.Congrats to John Spellman and Brian Reintgen.I definitely recommend this product and their “great” costumer service…Thanks a lotMy best regards

  348. Carolyn

    So far I like everything about this hose! I haven’t had it long enough to rate its durability.

  349. Chris Woods

    The hose worked well all summer, unfortunately near the end of the summer it sprung a leak and they quickly replaced it with no questions asked by simply submitting a picture of my leak. Note that I did register my product when I bought it.

  350. stacey

    Hoses are obnoxious! The kinking , and the pulling and winding back up.Not this hose! This is the best hose I’ve ever had it solves all the above problems. I’m going to order one for my mom for her birthday too. Great customer service.

  351. M. T. Scarborough

    No kinking and the valve on the end is very handy.

  352. dragon50

    Perfect for our yard. Not heavy to maneuver

  353. Henry Fischer

    o Kinks, great nozzle

  354. JAG

    Easy to handle and looking forward to the lifetime warranty.

  355. Bill

    The hose is light easy to use. Only con is the outside cove picks up grass and weeds (sick to it) . Ao far it seem to be h0olding up well.

  356. Amazon Customer

    Hoping that it is as durable as the other reviews say.Just got it and it looks like this will last.

  357. Irwin Chen

    Hose is heavy duty but also means it is heavier than some other brand so be aware if you are looking for a real light weight hose. The handle looks and feels like it is made from high quality plastic which should last. The brass fitting is a plus and it doesn’t leak when in use.

  358. Richard Nemec

    This garden hose it is a must-have item it’s the best hose I have ever have purchased and or use the nozzle is excellent as well really well-made product and comfortable to travel your yard with

  359. Silvio

    Works great. Easy to handle. No kinks or tangling. And not to mention the nozzle that comes with it is great! Also can’t beat a lifetime warranty. After getting a hole in mine, the company sent me a replacement immediately.

  360. Lora Driskill

    So far this is a great hose. I bought it to use in my front yard, and when not in use, we store it in a small milk crate by the fauset and it doesn’t take up any space at all. I’ve had other brands and they always blew up. 🙁 But this hose is much better quality.

  361. RYAN

    The hose is fantastic, but the spray nozzle that comes with it is cheap and junky, might as well not include it.I really like how easy it is to pack up when I’m done and it takes up almost no space. I’m going replace my 100 ft normal hose with another one or two of these.

  362. Jim Chaput

    great hose, nozzle they include is good

  363. Joy D.

    I have two of them right now, one in the front, one in the back. They are great. They are easy to maneuver. I am going to buy one more for a friend. I had a problem with one hose. I emailed the company and within a week, they sent me a new hose. They stand behind their product 100% .

  364. Darsar

    This product works great. I love how lightweight it is to move around the yard. I had an issue with a leak and the company honored their lifetime warranty with no questions asked. New hose shipped right away. Fantastic customer service will have me coming back.

  365. 03/

    The product did fail after 1 1/2 years and when I notified them they immediately replaced it with no hassle. They are great to deal with . You don’t see that type of customer service anymore in this world .

  366. crazy barracuda

    I am really happy with this product. I have a big yard and this hose takes care of it. It is very flexible and long.

  367. Kim

    I needed a lightweight hose and this one met all of my expectations. I might also add, I needed to contact the company regarding a question and they were extremely prompt in replies, helpful, and great customer service. I highly recommend the product and service they provide!

  368. Jared

    Have had it about a month. Works great. Nozzle is garbage though but I kind of expected it to.

  369. Bobby

    I have two of these hoses! One of them got a leak after 1 month and I reached out to customer service ant they replaced the hose instantly!!!! Amazing customer service!!!

  370. TeeTee

    I love that it maintains pressure until the hose is completely emptied. The fixings are solid and nothing is leaking. I can briefly turn the hose off at the handle without having to worry about leaking or bursting or kinking the hose to pick something up in my yard.

  371. Charles Boerner

    Like everything about this hose. It’s a great house & yard hose. Heavy duty brass ends.

  372. Greg Wilburn

    Great product, I had a problem with one of my hoses and contacted them, they responded immediately and solved the problem. I highly recommend these hoses.

  373. Carlos Pagan

    Liked it so far, hopefully it won’t break like the other ones.

  374. Michael K.

    Love stowing this 75′ hose in a small hose basket. The hose is very functional and strong!

  375. Jack Blackhall

    I’ve been wanting to try an expandable for a while and am very pleasantly surprised at the quality of this one. Well worth the price. I’ll be ordering another soon!

  376. Lawrence Worobec

    Love the brass fittings. I have had a few of these hoses in the past and they all failed. This hose is a lot sturdier, just a quality product all the way around. Of course it cost a bit more, but I am confident that I will have this hose for many years. You get what you pay for!

  377. Kenneth A. Duke

    The hose worked out very well until it started to leak. But I have never seen such great and prompt response to there warranties. Just really good people.Thanks

  378. aztecmummyman

    Great hose. Like the little hanger that comes with it. Already recommended it to my neighbor

  379. Katie Prevatt

    Prefect for the kids to use with a sprinkler. A lot easier to move around than a traditional hose.

  380. jason k. ward

    This hose makes watering fun. It did develop a leak from a puncture the second time I used it, but the company has fantastic customer service, and immediately replaced it. I recommend keeping the hose away from anything with thorns, but otherwise it’s a great hose.

  381. Denise

    It’s not quite spring here in Mn so haven’t used it yet. However, it’s very sturdy and well made. I’m glad I bought it.

  382. Fred Fahy

    Customer Service is fantastic. Hose broke after a year, and they are sending a new one.Can’t beat that.

  383. Madisonriver20

    Really like the hose. It is very easy to haul it around the yard! Much easier than a traditional hose. I am ordering one for the front yard! Makes watering planters so much easier!!

  384. Mason

    We have had the hose outside in the summer heat /sun /rain for a few months and its holding up well.

  385. Kelly Pol

    We bought this hose bc we started traveling full time on our boat and didn’t want to worry about storing our big bulky hose. First time buying an expandable hose and we have not been disappointed! So far, the quality has been superior and we can’t believe how convenient it is to store

  386. Richard Canete

    So far so good. It looks durable i only used it twice. Use it only for my pressure washer. It should last for a while ‘cause I keep it my garage after using it.

  387. Becky Stillman

    It’s very lightweight and easy to maneuver around to our various plantings. I have one for both the front and back of our home. It expands significantly, so I find it is easiest to unhook/remove from containers before starting the water. It’s also easy to rewind because it is so light. We’ve had it for under 3 weeks so I’m uncertain of it’s long term durability.

  388. Amazon Customer

    I’m super happy with this hose. It reaches far then shrinks back up to fit easily where it needs to go! The handle has lots of different spraying options. I’d buy again!

  389. Fred Jacobs

    I bought this hose hoping that it last longer than the other expandable hoses I bought in the past, but almost 3 months to the day, pin holes started to appear,

  390. Edith K.

    so far I really like the hose. Time will tell if it is as durable as stated in the description.

  391. Happy Wife

    This hose is lightweight, easy to carry, and easy to store on the holder! I water all of my hanging plants across my front and rear with this hose. The company gives fantastic customer service!! Highly recommend.

  392. judy Rinaldi

    I hate dragging a hose around to water my flowers. I am a senior and we have a large lot so this hose is just what I need. I am going to get 2 more of them, so I have them all around the outside of the house.

  393. C. Sprenger

    This hose has been great so far. About six months into owning it we sprung a leak and contacted XpandaHose for a replacement. Brian was extremely quick in his response and replacement of the hose and the replacement seems even better than the last!

  394. Christine Hunziker

    This hose is so lightweight, easy to use, and easy to store, I’ll never use a hose reel again. Love it.

  395. Lucy in Ojai

    I love this hose! It is super lightweight and continues to shrink back to the tiny lightweight size after more than a year of use. It never tangles or crimps. You have nothing to lose with the life-time warrantee !

  396. Sin7

    I have gone through a couple of similar hoses from major local home improvement store and believe me, this J&B XpandaHose by far excels those in quality. Thank you.

  397. AJS

    Working very well so far for both pressure washing and regular garden use. Nice brass connectors on both ends. Good value.

  398. Chris

    Perfect. Do not keep under constant pressure. Drain after use

  399. brooke lynch

    Very happy with this product. High quality, works great, worth the money

  400. Jason

    This is a great product, we’ve previously ordered a shrink hose that was not made well and did not last a full day. This hose is a night and day difference. We ordered 2 of them and are extremely happy with their durability and function. They are built very well, we’d recommend this hose to anyone.

  401. S. Siskin

    So far I have loved my new hose. It is easy to use and lightweight.

  402. Kevin C. Riordan

    Just outstanding customer service and communication. I did experience a small issue with the product but it was handled immediately. If every company handled communication in this way, the world would be a better place.Well done!!!

  403. Kindle Customer

    Bought this hose last 11/and it works great, but developed a small pinhole leak. I sent a warranty request email and got a response within minutes. That just doesn’t happen these days. John sent a warranty code with his reply, no questions asked. Outstanding customer service.

  404. Michael

    Used for almost daily watering of plants and trees. Would recommend this hose over any other flexible hose out there. I have had several and was always ended up disappointed until I bought this one.

  405. Alman


  406. Rebecca R. Kelly

    I like the fact that it returns to something small and easily is camouflaged in my flowerbed.

  407. Amazon Customer

    best hose I ever owned. Recommend it very highly

  408. Laurel C. Decker

    This is a great product. I can’t believe I never knew about it before. The hose is so light weight and stores in such a small space.

  409. angelo r. algiers

    love the hose. works great

  410. J Alex Crothers III

    Everything I wanted in a hose! It’s lightweight, easy to move around, shut off valves at both ends for easy on/off, and durable. The hose comes with a Lifetime Warranty. One sprang a tiny leak and the seller replaced it easily and quickly. Very impressive.

  411. jean porreca

    So far so good! Just got it about a week ago and we love it.

  412. silvia sanchez

    It is a great buy

  413. lynnar

    So far it’s been working. I wish it came in different colors. I hate black.

  414. Breathless

    This is the best hose it is so light., takes up little room stretches out and then right back to smal front, back and side of house.l size. I can carry a 75 foot hose with 2 fingers. I love it. I bought 3 for front, back and side of house.

  415. Randy Rising

    Very nice

  416. Cherish W

    I’ve had many water hoses, but this one is a winner by far. Although, it cost a little more, the warranty is worth its weight in gold.

  417. JDW

    Iam very satisfied with this hose, I like how it expands when the waters on, and how it shrinks after I turn the water off, it takes less space on the hose bracket. I use it for my pressure washer.

  418. KM

    We liked the first one we bought so much we bought a second one. It is easy to handle, light weight, contracts quickly. Just what we needed.

  419. dts

    I like the hose. However, I am confused. On the website it shows a lifetime warranty. When I received it it said it had a two year warranty. Is this false advertising? I’m not sure.

  420. Amazon Customer

    I haven’t had hose very long but so far is very easy to use and very lightweight. I’m in Florida but will take it to the Midwest for the summer. So far love it.

  421. brittney

    I have not used it yet. Seems very well made. Do not plan to use till spring.

  422. G. J. di Cristina

    This is a perfect garden hose and sprayer. It all works as advertised.

  423. M. Mack

    Great hose that has made my extended watering area a breeze to access. Responsive company. Wouldn’t hesitate to purchase again. So much easier to reach the full length with this hose than a standard 75 ft hose.

  424. Charles Pickard

    So far so good! No leaks and no other problems!

  425. Dave B

    its still in the bag winter time, but it looks heavy duty .Nozzle looks great too. Well I used it for the 1st time an I LOVE it! 5/25/18 everyone should get one!!!

  426. Sandra B

    The only thing which is not a big deal is that you have to spray all the water out for complete retraction- I recommend this product!

  427. Patti N

    We really like this hose. We have two of them. Its very comforting to know that there is a lifetime warranty on them, because hoses we have purchased in the past never last.

  428. Lana

    It’s lightweight and works perfectly by extending and then shrinking back to 25’

  429. David Semidey

    Very good construction lot of though went into this good hose

  430. Dave Martinelli

    First review was negative, the hose was immediately replaced and it is great!

  431. mike patterson


  432. Steven V. Tucker

    I seriously have no idea why I haven’t bought these before now. Never kinks lightweight easy to store. Absolutely great hose

  433. Gregory C.

    Love this hose. Very light weight, so easy to drain the water out of it and hang it up when I am done, appears to be very well made and strong. I will never buy a “regular” water hose again. Well worth the money. I highly recommend this hose.

  434. Evangelio Vazquez


  435. Julie Curd

    Works perfectly amazing pressure spray on every spray type. Easy to move around give 5 stars i will be getting 2 more soon.

  436. Matti V.

    The hose worked perfectly for around 6 months after which is started leaking. After an email to the company they within an hour had a replacement sent. Superb customer service and warranty!

  437. Amazon Customer

    I love the hose and how easily it is to move around in my flower gardens. When I contacted the company regarding the warranty they were very prompt in replacing the hose. They provide excellent service for their product and I recommend them highly

  438. Tony Licata

    The hose is light weight and compact which is exactly what we were looking for. It expands to the 75ft. and doesn’t kink or twist. It is a good quality product and we would highly recommend to anyone.

  439. nanettefawn

    So far, I love it! Years previously, this type of hose fell apart quickly, this seems to be much sturdier with the brass fittings/

  440. Rev J.

    As advertised

  441. Stormy Hayes

    Expandable hose that comes with a sprayer and a holder for the hose. Light weight enough to move easily around the yard.

  442. Kevin O’Brien

    Was exactly what I needed. Very well made. Even came with storage case.

  443. 06/d

    Great quality. I just purchased so the durability is untested.

  444. Tom Beatty

    I’ve only had the hose for a few weeks and I really like everything about it. Only time will tell of the durability of the hose.

  445. Takeo K.

    The hose suddenly started leaking just about one year of weekly use. The seller immediately offered a replacement and it arrived within a couple days!I love this hose, and I hope the replacement lasts longer than the original one.

  446. stac

    Love it

  447. r loveless

    this hose suprised me first time i tried an expandable hose. very useful looks like a winner to me

  448. W4

    When my other expander hose took a dump, I had to purchase this one. Works great! Love the nozzle too and it seems to be made well and durable.

  449. M Chester

    After months of use, we still absolutely love this hose! It still looks new, is light to use and reaches to all points of our yard. The customer service is outstanding!

  450. Arlene

    Like the way it can be emptied and put away. Light weight and very easy to use.

  451. ABB

    Love the hose for its lightweight, space-saving, and high quality brass features.

  452. honeydiper

    Nice strong hose, Very reputable co,

  453. Bill T.

    Love simple no fuss hose. Does what I want it to do…stays put, light weight, easy to put away. Left the old one outside in the grass all winter. Works like just out of the box.

  454. FRANK A Trombino

    the hose is well made and works fine

  455. Miller*ka

    I purchased this hose for my deck. It is light and flexible and easy to maneuver yet long enough to use for projects that need a longer hose.

  456. MerriSue Kepple

    The hose is awesome. It’s very light weight and the spray bottle with all of the choices is awesome. My husband is handicapped and this hose is so easy to understand use. Love it

  457. Nika Rybinski

    Love this hose! After use, it shrivels up and fit’s right in my window sill, out of sight.The best part is NO KNOTS, KINKS OR TANGLES and it comes with a LIFETIME warranty!Buying one for my back yard.

  458. Vivian R.

    Great hose. Very light, very functional, I can carry it all over my very large patio with no difficulty and cover the whole area. Hope it lasts a very long time!

  459. Adam

    The hose is definitely better than the as seen on tv cheap stuff! 75 feet is plenty long enough for me and the brass connectors gives me piece of mind that secure connections will be made everyone.

  460. Kenneth W. Turoczy

    As a senior Citizen this is as easy as it gets to use a hose. Not heavy or cumbersome.

  461. Amazon Customer

    It seems to be very heavy duty, but it is still lightweight. I’ve been using mine for about 8 months. It has lasted through a freeze sitting outside. I’ve ordered another one for my backyard!

  462. Kim

    Considering re-ordering. Someone like my hose so well they stole it.

  463. Claudia M. Betty

    This hose has a life time warranty and the company backs their product 100%. We have a large yard and it’s lightweight and easy to maneuver even for my 90 year old mother to use.

  464. Cheryl E.

    Easy to use and store

  465. Amazon Customer

    after two seasons I got a leak…called and was sent one free within 5 days. This is a great product…by pass the $30. ones you see.

  466. Gary

    After a year and one half of use, the hose developed a small leak. I wrote to the company and sent photo illustrating where problem was. They are shipping new unit to me

  467. Kindle Customer

    Awesome product. No more wrestling with heavy unmanageable hoses.

  468. Amariah Richardson

    Love the hoses! Also, the customer service is amazing. The owners answers the phone and reply to emails immediately, This company stands behind their product. I bought 3 hoses so far. I definitely recommend them.

  469. joycem

    have used it 5 times so far. No problems. Will be ordering another, need it longer.

  470. Stephen P.

    I bought 2 of these hoses for my wife to use gardening. We are very pleased with them. The hanger and storage bag are very convenient also.Great product and wonderful customer service!

  471. Marco J. Grieco

    Great hose, Very light and easy to move around. The shutoff valve and the sprayer are much better than I expected. I bought one and was so happy I bought 2 more and got rid of my bulky rubber hoses.

  472. Pedro J. Vazquez

    I am satisfied with the purchase I have recommended to my friends. I would like to buy one that is longer than 100 ‘or 150’. When I turn off the tap she contracts 75% + ~.

  473. Amazon Customer

    Love my second hose as much as the first. Highly recommend.

  474. DDD

    this is my first expandable hose, not much water pressure, but I heard there all like that, time will tell how long it will last

  475. Jonathan

    I wasn’t sure about the cost. But well worth it. Best hose I have ever bought .

  476. Margaret Getzelman

    I have a small succulent garden, and my xpanda hose works wonderful for that, iti is light weight and can be carried over my plants without hurting them. I was lost without it

  477. W Thomas Castleberrry

    Bought one and found the quality of the hose and especially of the hardware to be very good….so bought another.They do what they are supposed to do and am pleased with these compared to the less expensive hoses I bought in the past

  478. Judy B.

    After opening the package I realized it had been manufactured with two female connectors. I emailed the manufacturer and received a personal response within 25 minutes! They sent a promo code for a 99% discount (Amazon won’t allow 100%) on a replacement purchase. Such prompt and great service.

  479. Mike Sayers

    Light, durable, easy to store. Just carry it to the faucet in a bucket.

  480. Sonja Holthaus

    Works as advertised. Very light and easy to move around my garden. I haven’t had it long enough to know about durability.

  481. Jon

    Item is just as described. Works great.

  482. Dee

    Love everything about it so farMade my neighbors jealous enough that they will be purchasing one for themselves

  483. DublinNick

    I needed 75 feet of hose that was easily handled

  484. M Brizo

    Awesome hose, no leaks yet, expands to 75ft And contracts to a manageable size to store

  485. thelma

    I bought three hoses from J&B Lawn. One hose was defective and leaked. After emailing J&B they sent me a new hose after they had tested it and a prepaid postal to send the defective one back. The hoses work great and the company knows how to treat their customers.

  486. Catherine Patinella

    I just received my new 75 foot hose. It’s so lightweight and the water pressure is great. It reaches to where I need it to go with no kinks or fighting me. Now it will be a breeze to clean the deck!

  487. Amazon Customer

    So far so good hopefully it will last had it for several months dragging over concrete patio and concrete pavers

  488. Loreta P.

    Seems like a quality hose, The proof will be if it lasts.These kind of hoses are not noted for longevity.Time will tell

  489. Husky Dawg

    Love this hose! The fittings are metal not plastic. Wish I had purchased sooner. Slightly lower water pressure when using a sprinkler but not a big deal for me

  490. Julian Stokes

    After years of buying and throwing away expandable hoses, I finally found one that is a quality product and backs it up with a lifetime warranty.

  491. Amazon Customer

    This is the best hose I have ever owned. It is Easy to maneuver so easy to use. My only problem…I should have ordered a longer one. Going to do so right now. Thank you J&B!

  492. Chris

    I liked the flexibility of the expandable hose and I also liked the light weight of the hose. It is much easier to work with this hose.

  493. Carrie Blout

    This is a nice and light weight hose. It worked really well, and I light how light it is because I wanted to bring it back in the house after using each time.

  494. Rene

    I love this product! Hose is light weight, easy to handle, and I just love it!! I appreciate the attachment sprayer and holder with bag that was included in the sale. ☆☆☆☆☆

  495. Deborah Cote

    They stand by their product and are quick and responsive. Excellent customer service!!!!!!!!!! Highly recommend.

  496. Gardner

    I was concern about the nozzle, but it does what I want very well.

  497. Cheryl Dyer

    Love how I am able to move this length of hose with so much ease. Also am happy that it came with hanger to put on my faucet. Keeps the hose off the ground and orderly.

  498. C.H. Leggett, Jr.

    Had a concern about the warranty and customer service answered back promptly! I am very satisfied with the response and quality of the product1

  499. Amazon Customer

    We’ve purchased four of these hoses over the last couple of years and have them all around the yard. They are so much easier to move around than a regular hose. I highly recommend them.

  500. ilya askinazi

    my GSD tried to chew thru it ….other then that great product

  501. Emanuel Quinto

    I like this product is very light and easy to store. Overall I love the product and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to buy an easy lightweight hose.

  502. Thomas E Hellstern


  503. TH Adams

    Based on the reviews available I ordered this item to replace a similar item that was not durable enough. This one is better and so far, so good.

  504. Amazon Customer

    I likes it light weight


    expandable hose works beautifully

  506. szimmy

    Liked everything

  507. Daniel Konkel

    Great product

  508. Phil

    watering plants on back patio and in the yard

  509. Carl L. Ulepich

    Brass fittings, easy to use, tough and it doesn’t leak at either ends. Highly recommend this hose. Better than any hose you will find in Lowe’s or Home Depot.

  510. SWW

    These hoses seem to have a 2 year life. What convinced me to pay a little more was the lifetime warranty. Now have three of these

  511. Colin T Gallagher

    I was in trouble with my garden hose leaking at the facuet. I bought a new hose and the second thing happened After tape didn’t work, I trust Amazon so I ordered your hose from them. It doesn’t leak and is perfect.

  512. D B

    So far so good! Best garden hose I have used!

  513. Dale M. Pratt

    Just what I ordered. Works great –very happy

  514. Kindle Customer

    This works great. Easy to store

  515. Mary C. Nichols

    I’m a senior and this hose is easy for me to use.

  516. Mary L. Emmitt

    The best hose ever. Strong, easy to use and all the functionality I was looking for

  517. John T. Burch

    Appears durable and takes up little space on patio. 75 feet works well for me. Works so well I bought two more.

  518. phazeout

    Love this hose!!!

  519. Sinhy Lim

    Had a leak, contacted them and will be receiving a replacement, that alone is worth the price.

  520. Michelle Lee

    I had a little problem so I ask for a new one.There response was so fast and a new Hose is on the way already.Very good customer service.

  521. William P

    great product

  522. Steve Gilbert

    Wonderful hose better than the old one I was using. Will buy another to replace the other hose in my front yard.

  523. Ronald

    The xpanda hose was a great purchase for me. It’s hard to believe that the hose expands to 75′ but it does. I had a problem with the nozzle that came with the hose as it leaked. I notified J & B and they sent me a new nozzle which I received in a matter of a few days. I am totally satisfied with the product and the merchant.

  524. Larissa Danielle Rupley

    My hose developed a leak and they went above and beyond to replace my hose. They offer a lifetime guarantee, but they’ve earned a lifetime customer!

  525. Aaron Silverman

    My hose sprung a leak, but, it had life time warranty and the company honored that. So I am very pleased with the customer service and I also love the hose.

  526. 04/Curl

    Liked that it is lightweight and contracted into a small space saving size. Love that it has a lifetime warranty.

  527. jessie taylor

    my wife love it… hope it as durable as we need… thanks..

  528. Sizenando Miguel

    Very few products delivers against its promises like J&B hose. Amazing product whose company live up its value.

  529. Virginia V.

    Excellent – returned 2 other hoses and replace them with this one….. This one has excellectent quality and far better then any other I purchased previously.

  530. Corky

    A great lightweight hose with a lifetime warranty. Very happy with the product. Check it out on Amazon.

  531. Kathy B.

    Brass couplings are important feature!Yeah truly stretch 75ft.!

  532. Tim Deal

    So far so good this is my fourth flexible hose so I will test the Xpandahose ,its all about how long will it last time will tell.

  533. Dennis Lee

    So far so good! Hope the hose holds up and the reason I purchased it was because of the lifetime warranty!

  534. John Wayne

    I haven’t used it yet, but I’m excited!

  535. Amazon Customer

    Loved this hose until it sprung a leak. It’s continually getting worse. Very disappointed this only lasted 1 summer 👎

  536. B.TT

    Exceeded my expectations. So worth it!

  537. DevaD

    Nice hose. Unfortunately, it blew out in less than a year but the seller was quick to replace it.

  538. Amazon Customer

    I love it so I order a second amazing how this light and easy to handle this hose is. Not more tangles neither big box creates to hold the old hoses. Is like changing from an old TV to a new TV..Highly recommended.

  539. Rebecca J Logan

    The recoil moves are fascinating. Works like a charm–my husband asked for another one for the backyard!

  540. George

    This is a great hose. I had a rare defective hose and it was immediately replaced with a new one. Fantastic customer service!

  541. Denise

    It seems sturdy and it works well, it is still new but I bought it because of the reviews and so far I am very happy!

  542. dondre campbell

    Awesome product

  543. Phiklik


  544. Harry Thurman

    Hose is fantastic- we have purchased 5 and the lifetime warranty is great. We have had to replace 1 because of a leak with no hassles

  545. Amazon Customer

    I really love the products and especially the trustful and best customer service from this company. A 5 stars as always for this company. Thank you.

  546. Mackenzie Ocampo

    Very happy with this product and thankful for the company that sent us a new sprayer head when ours was acting weird. We didn’t even ask for a new one the hose is very convenient for storage and use. We love it!

  547. Stephanie Huber

    Love the new hose

  548. Tom Michael

    Came in one day. Looks sturdy.

  549. Pamela Watts

    It is a must have for someone with back problems like me! it is so easy to get all my watering done and its not heavy the roll up is easy.

  550. Doug

    Finally a hose that doesn’t kink a hundred times every time I try to use it. Should have bought this a long time ago

  551. Abhishek

    Great product. Excellent product support. I had small issues with order and got response right away.Happy to buy the product.

  552. Nikhil Kumar

    Love it!

  553. Debbie Prince

    Did have a problem with it after a year. And they immediately replaced it.

  554. Minnie Skinner

    Excellent purchase!

  555. Sridevi Gopinath

    This is by far the best hose i had purchased. Very happy with the same and am so tempted to purchase and replace my old garden hose (purchased from Home Depot) in my front yard !

  556. Meggan Lilly

    Great customer Service, fast response. Thank you so much

  557. JMN

    Great hose, but we noticed a hole after a year. Manufacturers quickly replaced free of charge. Excellent customer service!

  558. Mary Mac

    Great hose for our motor home!

  559. Susan M.

    GREAT PRODUCT … should have bought 2 because they no longer sell them

  560. Amazon Customer

    Works well and is guaranteed for life – what more can you ask for

  561. Sheri883

    Been about a month and so far do good!

  562. Paula

    Like it very much

  563. Pam Drago

    Product works as advertised. Love it. Should you have a problem with it customer service is excellent . I highly recommend it

  564. DDsgal

    This hose is really great – it is very light weight and easy to maneuver.

  565. RFA

    I was not disappointed! This hose is very easy to handle & light weight. This was important for me as I have arthritis in my hands.

  566. Mikaboo

    Good hose slight leek where hose and copper connect but I’m sure it can be fixed works good.

  567. MARY G.

    so far so good

  568. rgk

    Quality product and seller.

  569. Brenda R.

    Purchased this hose for around pool area. Works great expands to 75 ft which is perfect. Very very light weight NO KINKS YEA. Good pressure folds up nicely

  570. Cosmo DiSchino

    Light and easy to use.

  571. Marisa VanWinkle

    J&B has excellent customer service and I would highly recommend their products.

  572. R Wade Gastin

    An excellent hose. Very lightweight. Cut off switch works well. 50 ft seemed too short for my uses.

  573. Chris

    Hose sprung a leak and they replaced per their warranty. Great customer service

  574. Jan

    Bought several, they are great

  575. Charles H.

    Watering my garden and flowers, very much appreciated!!

  576. Amazon Customer


  577. chip galloway

    Great hose for any RVer! Really compact and easy to use. Love the brass ends and the cut off valve. Would order again.

  578. Amazon Customer


  579. Victoria L Smith

    Very easy to use

  580. Wayne Speigel

    This was the right hose for a challenging yard.

  581. Jennifer K. Stevenson

    Absolutely love this hose!!!! Best quality!!!

  582. Ina


  583. Clyde Barnette

    I loved the expandable hose, it is light and easy to store!!!!!

  584. Kathy Rodgers

    We LOVE these garden hoses, and the one we had a problem with was quickly replaced!

  585. Matt Haupert

    The hose has worked as advertised and the company has been great as well solving any problems

  586. J

    Surprisingly it has been holding up.

  587. tmullerworth

    This is a great hose. Because it is expandable it saves me so much time watering my garden every day.

  588. Brent

    Hose was wonderful, customer service is even better! Any issues they replace just as the warranty specifies!

  589. Melissa

    We loved this hose so much we bought a second one for the front of the house! They were my Mother’s Day present and I couldn’t be happier. They make watering fun!

  590. FIG

    Good product, and Vendor came through with warranty.

  591. David F. Brezinski

    Good hose.

  592. Michael J. Lawrence

    Much better than my previous expanding hose. Very substantial and the connectors are all brass and solid. So far, so good.

  593. richard michels

    It’s light, durable, easy to use, I would recommend to a friend. well satisfied reco


    I have two 75ft since 06/1917. Excellent product. Excellente service. I had a minor issue with a connector that was promptly solved.

  595. Mac

    this hose exceeded my expectations; my wife loces it…

  596. Amazon Customer

    Hose retracts very quickly. Stays compact when not in use.

  597. Edward Reilly

    Great product and even better customer service

  598. Fly boy

    Used daily for watering plants.

  599. John R Chyriwski

    Very durable and easy to use. The nozzle has many different spray options. Highly recommended.

  600. Lowell Bogard

    Fast delivery, very lightweight, and great hanger to use on your spigot.

  601. Keith Neal

    Hose is very light weight and easy to use. I haven’t had any tangles or kinks in it yet like I have with other hoses.

  602. Lorraine

    It doesn’t kink, it is light weight and a great hose!

  603. K. Rosman

    High quality hose that collapses nicely and stores cleanly

  604. Amazon Customer

    The flexibility, how light it is. Comes complete with power nozzle and different adjustments!

  605. Connor Jordan

    The hose definitely shrinks after use and this helps to force water out. Hose nozzle attachment has a lot of useful modes.

  606. peggy sepulveda

    Haven’t had the hose long but works well so far and seems sturdier than some i have had in the past. Customer service responded quickly to questions.

  607. Anna L.

    Got this hose last week. I live on an acre, and all of my other traditional hoses are trashed. This one is light and easy to carry around the property. It stretches and I love the fact that it doesn’t kink or get knots. Definitely recommended.

  608. LadyLiberty

    We bought the 75 foot hose and it is amazing how it extends when you turn the water on. Love this hose.

  609. SN Lagasse

    This is the fourth self retractable hose I’ve tried. By far this is superior in quality to any of them.

  610. Scott Glancy

    Love this hose!

  611. Dolores Parker

    Great hose

  612. Kindle Customer

    I like everything about it

  613. Amazon Customer

    I had it a few weeks and it is just what I needed for my front garden. I wish it came in 100 feet.

  614. Willie

    Good product and excellent customer support.

  615. larry

    Much better then the one seen on TV.

  616. Amazon Customer

    I’m happy with the warranty J&B stands behind. I let them know my hose had an accident and they replaced it within a couple days. I do like my hose.

  617. Amazon Customer

    Lifetime warranty is honored if you reach out to the manufacturer.

  618. 347 4394364

    Very good I really like it


    Great product. Have used it a couple of times and it works perfectly. Would highly recommend.

  620. Kathy McKinney

    Great light weight hose. Love it! Great responsive customer service

  621. Robert Belden

    Just purchased and used once. So far, so good. Hose looks well made and very flexible. Can’t go wrong with a lifetime warranty.

  622. Karen Vanassche

    So far so good!!! Seems to be of very good quality. Came with a lifetime warranty and that’s amazing!!!

  623. Russell Heubach

    works great!

  624. Amazon Customer


  625. Ken L Laing

    Easy to manage, lighter and more flexible than a traditional hose.

  626. Amazon Customer

    nice heavy duty

  627. 19FXDX99

    Enjoying the hose hoping it proves to be durable..

  628. Christine

    Doesn’t leak, nozzle works great. Wish it came in 75 ft length. Very lightweight.

  629. Julian Garcia

    I will always refer this hose.

  630. Linda M Thibault

    Reliable light hose.

  631. Valerie C.

    Used my new hose for the first time today. Know that I will love using it! No more dragging around heavy hoses that kink at every turn.