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Water Your Garden Effortlessly And Forget About Struggling To Carry And Untangle Your Water Hose Once And For All Thanks To The Ultimate Expanding Water Hose! 🌟

Haven’t you had enough with struggling to drag your heavy water hose around the garden in order to water all your plants and flowers?

Don’t you feel cheated when you buy a brand new garden hose which does not last for more than a month at the most?

If you have been looking for the best, most practical and extremely durable collapsible garden hose, you have come to the right place!

J&B Merchandise LLC presents you with the XpandaHose which is bound to serve all your needs!

Handy, Lightweight Garden Hose That Expands Up To 3 Times Its Original Length

Forget about extremely long water hoses that are too heavy and difficult to handle once and for all!

This 75/100 feet expanding water hose will expand 3 times its original length, giving you the ability to comfortably move around your garden and water every single corner.

What is more, the flexible, lightweight and kink free design of this garden water hose will allow you to effortlessly carry it and it will save you from the trouble of trying to detangle it every single time you need to use it.

Last but not least, this retractable garden hose is very easy to store as it shrinks back to its original size once there is no more water flow.

Durable Materials And A 10 Setting Nozzle

  • The latex core and the sturdy brass ends assure maximum longevity.

Moreover, the 10 setting nozzle and the easy on/off switch will help you use this garden hose for many different purposes including watering, car washing, window cleaning, boat deck cleaning and more.

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  • 🙌 45 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • 🌟 Lifetime Warranty

No More Leaks

Say goodbye to your frustrating, leaking hose! XpandaHose’s solid 3/4 brass connectors and 4 layered latex core ensures leaks are no more. Complete with a sturdy on/off valve, the super strong XpandaHose can withstand 12 Bars of water pressure and temperatures up to 120 Fº

Strongest Hose Available

High pressured, triple layered latex core is the strongest most durable hose on the market making it stronger than any other expanding hose. Normal water pressure is 43.5-87PSI/3-6Bar where our new design is 174PSI/12 Bar!

10 Settings Nozzle

Along with the 75 foot expanding water hose, you will receive a high quality spray nozzle with 10 adjustable patterns and ALL brass connectors, excellent corrosion resistance and durable quality!

Much Easier

Light Weight, Compact, Kink and Tangle Free!
This amazing water hose starts out 25 Feet and expands to 75 Feet at full length with water pressure but returns after water is out! Our 100ft XpandaHose weighs less than 3.5lbs.

Lifetime Warranty

Keeping you satisfied and providing you with the friendliest customer service is our number one goal. This is why we stand 100% behind our products, offering you a 45 days money back guarantee and a Lifetime warranty making this expandable garden hose yours is entirely risk free! If you ever have an issue, simply email us and we will get back to you asap.


Your Happiness is Our Goal!

Space saving, fun to watch. Works great!

This hose is awesome!

I love the shut off or control the flow of water at the end that allows you to turn off the water with out using a nozzle or walking back the faucet.

Also it take up so little space in my garden when it shrinks up.

I will buy this again for sure!


Light and manageable hose, excellent for small garden, or urban terrace

Light weight and easy to connect; spray head works smoothly. Hose is so easy to carry to wherever you need it and this works well for my terrace garden with it’s many planters and trees in tubs that need to be watered often in the hot New York City summer.

After two plus years, my hose sprung a leak, but the company offers a lifetime guarantee and I have just received a brand new hose in replacement - what could be a better buy! Bought same hose for my daughter, and nozzle leaked after two years, expected to buy her a new one, but J & B offered to send her a replacement. I can’t say enough good things about this company!

Highly recommended product and outstanding and prompt customer service.

Gerry L.

Best hose I have ever Owned and Awesome Customer Service

I have had this hose for approximately 5 months and I am super happy with this product, it is of very good solid quality and it is the best hose I have ever owned, I use it a lot for watering my front and back gardens for the summer; it was working great until I ran into an issue with it where it was leaking from what appears to be a accidental puncture, I reached out to their customer service via and I was amazed of the high quality of service and they offered to replace it right away, I was able to place a new order and should have a replacement within the next few days. I am very happy with this product and even more happy with their customer service response to any issues with their products. I highly recommend anyone considering a new hose to purchase this item. I own another one of these hoses that is 75' that I use in the back yard and that one is in perfect condition.


Best Garden Hose communications!

Upon opening my75 feet XpandaHose kit, I discovered that the built-in brass valve with On/Off Valve to save endless trips to the faucet was a big plus to use in my backyard. To my dismay I couldn't get the valve to move. After sending a photo of the valve along with a text message of my problem I promptly got responses from John or Brian. With about 2 messages back and forth, the lever was easier to move once John and Brian applied WD-40 and the entire kit in the box was sent back to me in return for my original kit (no extra shipping). Once it stops raining in my area, I will be exceptionally happy to test the entire kit, due to the light weight of the hose, the absence of kinking, and the spray attachment and accessories. The valve now has no problem for my arthritic hands! My hose has a 2 year replacement warranty with a bonus of a 6 month extension. Heads Up for J&B Merchandise LLC in New Jersey!

Sally A. Miller

Excellent customer service on a great hose

I've had my hose just over a month and so far have absolutely loved it. So lightweight and easy to maneuver around, which is a big selling point for this 105lb woman who has veggies to water all around the backyard. Unfortunately I was one of the customers that experienced a leak in my new favorite hose, after only one month. Just past the return window too... however J&B offers a 24month replacement free of charge. Crossed my fingers and emailed the company and they got back to me in 10 minutes! A new hose is on the way. I saw a lot of other reviews for these kinds of hoses that complained of their short lifespan but the old school heavy hoses don't fare much better across the board, reviews-wise. So for me, I'd much rather take my chances with a hose I LOVE, from a company with such excellent customer service. If it ends up happening again and again or at some point customer service abruptly changes for the worse, I'll update my review but for now I'm very happy!

Edit 9/24/20: I have had to request another replacement hose as I did unfortunately have another leak. HOWEVER, emailing the company was a breeze and they’re sending out another today! I do think these hoses may not last as long as most traditional hoses (or Ive just gotten duds) but I have to say I still LOVE this hose far more than the old stupid heavy ones and this customer service cannot be beat. It seems when they say lifetime warranty in the product description, they mean it.
A+++ extremely happy customer, even w the duds.

Squirrel 717

Great Hose!

Additional Comment after having hose for 7 months - - GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! They stand by their warranty and quickly replaced my hose when I notified them that it started leaking. I got the replacement i ONE DAY from Amazon. You can be confident that whatever you purchase from J&B they will stand behind the quality of their products.

Previous review: I have been looking for a lightweight hose that is durable and have been frustrated with the quality of my previous purchases. Then I saw the XpandaHose on Amazon and read the reviews and decided to buy it. It is fantastic and I am so happy with it. I also read the companies responses to some reviews and their responses were a large factor in my decision to purchase this hose because the company really stands behind their product. I recommend to anyone looking for a quality hose!


This is the one!!!

I have been researching this type of hoses for years, but just never got one until now, the lifetime warranty sold me. I can't believe I waited so long to have this hose in my life! Kinked hoses are probably one of the most frustrating things for me while gardening. Lugging a heavy hose around to water the gardens then it kinks multiple times....even on a "kinkfree hose" SO irritating!! I've owned this hose now for 5 months and have had no issues. I have been very careful not to snag it on sharp objects and I let it drain out completely before I put it away. My husband wishes we bought this years ago because I actually put it away, where on our old hose I would not coil it up properly, or not at all... I just ordered a second one, and have highly reccomended this hose to my friends and family.

Amazon Customer

Replacement for 3 year old hose

I purchased this to replace my 3 year old hose mainly because i pulled it through the rose garden one day.... don't do that! This company makes good hoses for a reasonable price! Have you purchased an old fashioned rubber or vinyl hose lately...$$$$... and they are heavy and a pain to store. LOVE these hoses. Oh, buy a good sprayer to replace the one that comes with the hose. I will soon to buy a 2 more for the horse barn and garden. I have three of these in different lengths and love them!!!!


This is the one!

I purchased this to replace my 3 year old hose mainly because i pulled it through the rose garden one day.... don't do that! This company makes good hoses for a reasonable price! Have you purchased an old fashioned rubber or vinyl hose lately...$$$$... and they are heavy and a pain to store. LOVE these hoses. Oh, buy a good sprayer to replace the one that comes with the hose. I will soon to buy a 2 more for the horse barn and garden. I have three of these in different lengths and love them!!!!


This Hose Does Everything!

Okay, so I was a little skeptical at first, but I was pleasantly surprised by this hose.

Right away I noticed it doesn't matter how unskilled one is at unwrapping a hose, this guy will not end up twisted. It straightens out when it expands.

Speaking of which, that's a great piece too. It reaches everywhere it needs to, but shrinks down to fit in your hand. Great for children whose job it is to water the lawn at home!

The shutoff valve is great for changing nozzles; enough said.

The nozzle it comes with tradnsistions between spray patterns like butter.

Watching the hose shrink is also a great way to destress.

This is the hose I've always wanted. Don't waste your money on anything else.

Miles B.

Lightweight and so easy to work with

We love this hose.

I have a lot to water in the summer with flowers around the whole house and a decent garden in the back yard. I can water nearly everything from one faucet (we have 75 ft). But what I love the most is how light it is and easy to work with.

I constantly wrestle with the vinyl and rubber hoses to get them rolled up properly. This hose just shrinks and deflates and goes in a lovely little pile. Great for my arthritic hands!

We did develop a leak in the hose, which was so disappointing, but there is a lifetime guarantee, and we contacted the company we got it from. They were wonderful.

Customer service was quick and smooth and we have a new hose on the way!

We just had to send our order number from Amazon and a photo of the problem.

Very pleased the whole way around. It's hard to find a good company who stands by their guarantee.

Thank you!

Deb Cip

This one's the real thing!

Watering livestock in the winter is a real chore, but these hoses (I bought two) make it immeasurably easier. They're lightweight, and they're self-draining. It cuts the time in half--and the frustration by 90 percent. They'd be perfect with a wider inside diameter, but I can live with the slightly longer time it takes to fill the waterers.

I almost swore off this type of hose after several breaks and blow-outs: This one's heavy duty--although light weight.

G. Heinsohn

Wow.. never thought I'd love a hose!

This is the best hose I've ever used, period.

We have always bought the good to high-quality Home Depot other store hoses, but those always end up being huge heavy rubber hoses, hard to use, and ultimately leak. I just started using the XPandaHose today so I can't speak to long-term durability, but it feels very well made and performs amazingly. I used it for a couple hours with an electric pressure washer and it was perfect.

Will buy another, and will likely buy some for presents!

Jesse Sheridan

Excellent hose

Totally happy with this purchase! Was looking for a long time for an quality hose and this one surpassed all expectations. Super lightweight for the length and the expandable feature makes storing it easier. Very compact when it drains


Great hose for those with physical challenges!

As a disabled person the old school houses are very heavy and difficult to maneuver. This hose is the complete opposite. I can water my plants with ease. I've only had the hose a couple weeks but so far it has worked perfectly. The one piece of advice I can share is to never leave water in the hose. Once you have completed your watering turn the water off.and continue to squeezes the nozzle until all water has been cleared. This will extend the life of your hose.

Colleen Patterson

Quality Product as Advertised w/ LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Solid product made of high quality material. I really like this thing. I’ve had a few of these hoses over the years that have broken and torn open. As soon as this one arrived I could tell that it was far more sturdy from my previous ones and doesn’t feel cheap at all. I’d buy another one if I had to, but I won’t need to since it has a LIFETIME WARRANTY! Can’t beat that.

Danny Kerbs

So very satisfied with this product

I demand high quality and this product has it. The connectors are all VERY solid and well constructed. The hose itself is incredibly light but impressively strong. So very satisfied with this product.


CCS Pursuits

Lightweight and flexible

I just received this hose today and couldn’t wait to use it. It came in a small box and I thought there was a mistake. It’s very flexible and lightweight so I can maneuver it around easily. The brass fittings are strong and no leaks. And I loved the nozzle (again, no leaks). I’m a senior with severe arthritis and this hose made my gardening fun. I definitely recommend this hose.

Susan L.

Fantastic lightweight hose

After years of struggling with heavy plastic hoses, this hose was a welcome change! Light weight, expands to 75 feet, easy to move and carry around and it does not leak from the faucet or from the nozzle. 
I am so glad I purchased this hose, no more worrying about trying to lug the hose from one point to the next. And the nozzle it comes with is far superior to any nozzle we have ever purchased separately. I would highly recommend this product!
Jack's Mom

Great hose and sprayer - and GREAT customer service!

Every other 75' expandable hose we've purchased broke within the first month. And when they busted, there was no way to contact the company to get a warranty replacement. But this hose was different. The price was very competitive and we used it for almost 8 months before it sprung a leak. That's obviously not a lifetime, but it was RADICALLY longer than anything else we've tried.

Anyway, when this one busted, I sent an email to the company (J&B) and they responded by sending a code that got me a new hose on Amazon. I got it the next day with free shipping! Now it wasn't free- it cost me a whole $0.43 (yes, 43 cents), which I am perfectly happy with considering I got it the next day. And I got a very nice personalized message from the owners. Folks, that level of customer service is unheard of nowadays. I will be buying more of these hoses in the spring! Thanks J&B!!!!

P.S., the spray head that comes with the hose also lasted longer than any we have used. My wife and I like it a lot!


J&B are what we hope to deal with, good people and a great product

First time I tried to use the hose it sprayed all around the faucet, no matter how many times I tightened. I let the seller know, hoping they would have a different type gasket. Instead they sent a whole new hose and even a new sprayer, telling me to keep the other for my trouble. I was afraid I just was not strong enough to attach but the new one worked perfectly. This hose is such a treat, so light weight I can loop it over my arm when empty of water and hang back in the garage. When it fills with water it will reach to the full range of my yard, exactly what I hoped for. J&B are a delight to deal with.


Buy this one - great product and great people behind it

I love this hose. Perfect length, 3/4" diameter, heavy brass fittings, very well made and it weighs virtually nothing. I got the hose out one Sunday and discovered that the leaver on the female end that allows you to turn the water flow on and off was gone. It didn't break; it had somehow become unscrewed from the fitting. With a sprayer on the end the hose was still perfectly usable. When I got back inside, I sent an email to the the company to ask if a replacement part was available. Within 15 minutes a reply popped up. On a Sunday. John and Brian sent out a new part the very next day and by Thursday afternoon, the hose was back to perfect condition.

It is rare to find anyone these days who still takes such pride in their products.. If you're trying to decide which hose to buy or are worried that it will not turn out to be as advertised, chose this one. Its a great product and you need never worry that if anything ever goes wrong whether or not the company you are buying from will stand behind it.


Company replaced the hose....that is impressive!

I am changing my rating from a 1 to a 5. Recently the company, XpandaHose replaced the defective hose. I was very impressed and surprised to receive a new hose in the mail. The company claimed to try to contact me so they sent me a letter. in the mail and a new hose through UPS. I am updating my review until I have a chance to use the new hose! Again, love the whole idea of this hose as it takes up way less room and is lightweight! And I own 4 of them, since I have 2 homes I had purchased 2 for each home. Thank you Mr. Spellman!

Review from December 2018` What a rip off! Love the idea of the new hose I purchased. I was able to use it 2 times after purchase and then left town for several weeks. The 3rd time I used it, it has a small pinhole in the hose! Can't believe I just wasted 40.00 on a hose. System is showing I can't return the hose since I purchased it in October, Now it is December. I purchased one for both of my homes. Very disappointing. I am hoping the company will read this and contact me to make arrangements for replacement. That would make me reconsider. If the hose would hold up I would for sure rate this hose a 5 star!

Lynette J.

 Surprising great

Before purchasing I read that many of these hose types tend to rupture easily. I delayed getting one because of that. Finally thought I’d give this one a try and I am exceptionally pleased. So far—about one year—it has proven to be quite durable. It takes just a bit getting used to because you have to wait a few moments for the hose to fill with water and reach working pressure, which is why it has a valve built into the output end. It takes only a few times working with it to become routine. Then when water is shut off the hose has to be drained (if you want it maximally easy to work with, anyway), during which time it contracts (“like a frightened turtle”). I really, REALLY like how easy it is to handle the non-pressurized hose. No more fumbling with stiff plastic/rubber hoses. Coiling it up is as easy as coiling a soft nylon rope.


but it is truly an amazing hose! At first

Have only used it once so far, but it is truly an amazing hose!

At first, I was angry cause I thought they sent me the wrong one; it was maybe 25 feet long! But once I hooked it up and turned on the water, I was amazed at how well it worked! The water easily stretched it to 75 feet.

The water cut off at the end of the hose, so you can change whatever you have attached without shutting off the water, is really convenient!

The hose is very easy to move around when using compared to a standard garden hose. The only long-term issue that may come up is when I see it rubbing up against an edge that might cut it. I find myself cringing at those moments, hoping it doesn't damage the hose.


Finally! A garden hose that isn't annoying!

This is the best all-around garden hose I've ever used. By far. Using it is a completely different experience than using a typical rubber-type hose. I always dreaded dealing with hoses before, but now I don't.

The hose is very light and flexible, even when filled with water, and doesn't kink up at all. It handles more like a thick piece of rope than a hose. It's also kind of fun watch it wiggle around as it contracts after you let the water out of it.

When it's empty, it takes up much less space than a typical hose. That means no big ugly hose reels or metal hangers. The included hanger is convenient and works well, and the hose is very easy to coil on to it. I am storing it differently, however. I just drop it into a big nice-looking flowerpot I put underneath the spigot. When I want to use it, I just grab the spray head and walk away, and the hose follows me politely wherever I want to go. (I put a heavy rock in the bottom of the flowerpot to keep it from tipping over.) Since I'm not using the hanger for the hose, I hung it in my garage and put my big outdoor extension cord on it. Handy!

I like that a spray head is included. There is nothing particularly special about it, but it does work well.

I haven't been using it long enough to judge its long-term durability, but I do appreciate the warranty. I personally wouldn't use this hose in circumstances where it would be subjected to stresses such as high-pressure water or being run over, but for general garden use, it's great!


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