The Benefits of Investing In an Expandable Garden Hose for Your Garden

by Mar 19, 2019

Watering a garden has not always been the easiest of tasks, what with the difficulty of carrying around a heavy hose that does not always go where you want it to go. An expandable garden hose is the latest addition to the vast array of innovative gardening products available on the market.
Following are some fantastic reasons why you need to get an expandable garden hose as soon as possible.


Any gardening enthusiast or professional knows that the biggest pitfall of old-fashioned hoses is that they are incredibly inflexible and prone to tangling up. This is the main problem that an expandable garden hose addresses.
An expandable hose automatically expands when the water runs through it. It can attain lengths of up to around seventy-five feet, which is more than enough to cover the largest of gardens. There is no longer the need for you to carry the hose around from one place to another.


Compared to the traditional garden hose made up of rubber, an expandable water hose is much lighter in weight and is therefore much easier to maneuver. This also makes the hose that much easier to carry around and cover a larger surface area without any trouble. You can even lift up the whole hose, and it won’t require much of an effort on your part.

Adjustable Water Pressure

Traditionally water pressure coming out of a hose is controlled by a lever. However, to get the pressure just right, you’d have to use your thumb or fingers on the outlet and manage the flow. An expandable garden hose comes with an adjustable nozzle that allows you to change water pressure while watering. So whether you want to soak, spray, shower or mist, a slight tweak of the nozzle will do the trick.


The flexible nature of the expandable garden hose has an impact on its durability too. Traditional hoses are prone to tangling, which makes them vulnerable to cracks. A small crack is bound to grow to the point where the hose becomes useless.
An expandable garden hose, being flexible, is more resilient to being used roughly, tossed and turned, and not getting damaged.

Brass Connectors

Another problem in most gardening hoses is that they tend to leak at the joints. That’s because the connections aren’t always as stable as they should be. An expandable garden hose, especially the XpandaHose (Expanding Water Hose), provides a solution to this problem.
It comes with built-in brass connections at both ends. These connections are firm and make sure there is no water leakage. So why not use an expandable garden hose and take water leakage out of the equation for good?

If you are searching for the best expandable garden hoses look no further, we’ve got you covered.

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